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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 2

We continue the WSM gameshow as our hostess reviews contestant Sammi’s score after the Wet scenes.
The wheel is spun again, this time landing on the ‘M’.
So the 2nd stream is devoted to Mud.

Contestant Sammi has won her own building plot – a very muddy building plot!
The hostess coats her with mud from a bucket.
Sammi is dressed all in white, with a sleeveless clingy mini dress, suspenders, stockings and knickers.
Sammi has one minute to prove that she is red hot with mud.
She accepts this task with relish, smearing the mud all over and even down her knickers!
Run-time 2 mins 05 secs

Next, WSM girl Mary meets the lady from the equivalent American show on the mud flats of Essex.
Blonde USA lady Judy, dressed in a pale polka dot full skirted dress, complete with white stockings, suspenders and knickers, brags away about how wonderful the USA is.
Mary gets peeved and pushes Judy down the bank and into the calf deep mud.
Mary, dressed in white mini dress and white knickers gets pulled in by Judy.
Playful wrestling and muddy fun begins.
Faces and hairs are smeared.
Judy gets a mud shampoo, then it’s Mary’s turn.
Both girls get a comprehensive mud bath!
Dresses are removed. Mary is topless and only her knickers remain. Judy retains her bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings.
They crawl on their stomachs across the mud.
Judy attempts to pull Mary from the mud, but Mary wants more muddy play so pulls Judy back in.
Both girls indulge in very messy mud play with plenty of daubing, throwing and grappling. See our FREE CLIP to see what a muddy state the girls had become!
Eventually, Judy agrees that the English mud is just great.
They call a truce as they attempt to exit the mud area together.
Run-time 8 mins 03 secs.

We end with the WSM erotic thermometer giving a reading for the Mud play!

MAJOR ASPECT – East v West with 2 girl muddy play - Run Time 8 min 03 secs

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