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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 3

The WSM gameshow continues with an appreciative audience.
The Wheel is spun again, this time ending on ‘S’.
So this 3rd stream is devoted to Slapstick.

Contestant Sammi gets her own creamy meal……on herself!
With very limited shoot time, we did outsource our cream pies from a local confectioner.
Sammi is dressed in a red silky dress, with red silky thong, black lacy suspenders and black stockings.
Sammi shows her boobs and gets two cream pies rubbed in!
She is instructed by the hostess to lift her dress to the waist. The hostess pulls her knickers down before grinding a cream pie in her exposed pubes!
Sammi is then told to ‘Turn round and show us that pretty bum’.
We all know what is coming next, but the erotic thermometer intervenes, as Sammi asks ‘Isn’t that worth voting for?’
Then the inevitable cream pie lands on her bum and the back of Sammi’s stockings are creamed up.
Sammi turns to the hostess and says ‘I’m feeling really good! This is great!’
The hostess responds with two pies on each side of her head, before giving Sammi a very creamy pie full in the face! See our FREE Clip.
Sammi rubs the cream into herself assisted by the hostess and the scene ends with Sammi sitting open legged and fully creamed up!
Run-time 3 mins 15 secs

Next, we have Professor Treacle in a Slapstick Masterclass.
WSM girls Rachel and Carol assist the Prof in this very OTT demonstration.
The Prof talks us through it as he addresses his audience at the Aquantics 91 Convention held in Tenby, South Wales. It is always so much better with a live audience and some repartee.
The Prof gives us his advice on the girls’ clothes, then how to use:
Chocolate sauce
Tomato soup
Chicken soup
Golden syrup
Squirty tomato ketchup
The slops on the floor
Paper plates
A sponge
Hugely entertaining Slapstick mayhem!
Try this on your girl if you dare!
Run-time 7 mins 09 secs.

MAJOR ASPECT – Professor Treacle Slapstick Masterclass - Run Time 7 min 09 secs

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