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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 4

The WSM gameshow continues.
The Wheel is spun again and ends on ‘W’.
So this stream is devoted to Wetlook.
Contestant Sammi says ‘I suppose that means that you are going to soak me again, does it?’
The Hostess says ‘No! You have one minute to get yourself drenched!’
Sammi is dressed in a white sleeveless, silky top plus baggy, torn, blue jeans and black heels!
She is pushed into the paddling pool and gets deliciously wet, even loosening her long blonde hair for a special wetting and flicking.
Eventually nude, Sammi continues to get wet and pose for the camera.
Scene ends at 02 mins 41 secs.

The Erotic Thermometer continues to measure her progress.
And then we take an advert break!
And what a dreamy, romantic, sophisticated mood is conveyed by the advert!

Beautiful blonde Cindy takes a fully clothed bath in an exotic setting. (Amazing what a few props can achieve!)
We have our WSM Milk Chocolate Flake advert as Cindy, dressed completely in white, gets fully soaked then strips to reveal a wonderful body!
Check our Free Clip of the dreamy Cindy in the bath with that milk chocolate flake!
The scene ends with a musical jingle ‘Only the stickiest, gooiest chocolate, slides down your cleavage and sticks to your boobs!’
And the toughest part of this filming?
Getting a cast iron bath up the outside stairs to the next floor in snowy, freezing conditions (shot 6th January 1994).
Sadly, Cindy stopped modeling, but what a great scene she has to look back on!
But we do have some glamour test shots of her (shot 30th November 1993) which we may publish in the future.
Run-time 3 mins 13 secs.

MAJOR ASPECT – Milk Chocolate Flake advert - Run Time 3 min 13 secs

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