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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 6

The WSM gameshow continues but this time we have a single scene.
The hostess (Lorraine) tells contestant Sammi that it is her last chance to win the big holiday.
The Wheel is spun again and ends on ‘S’. It is a Slapstick round.
Sammi starts squeezing custard over Lorraine who responds telling her: ‘You’re not supposed to do that! I’m the hostess!’
But this is a WSM gameshow and anything wet or messy is fair game!
Both girls do their best to mess each other with custard.
Then we go to a tit for tat sequence starting with tomato soup.
To see the girls’ outfits, take a look at our FREE CLIP.
Sammi wears a black sleeveless dress (with a white band under the bust), black suspenders, stockings and heels plus white briefs.
Lorraine wears an all gold outfit with a gold waistcoat sleeveless top, gold full skirt, gold ankle boots plus white stockings and suspenders.
The action moves on with beans into the knickers, over the bums and rubbed into the boobs of both girls.
Next it is a rice pudding treatment quickly followed by golden syrup.
Then chocolate sauce cascades down each girl!
With all this messiness and bewilderment, our theme song ‘The Red Hot Gameshow’ commences at 05-15 and runs for 2 mins 23 secs.
Put your headphones on and just listen to our song!

Once chocolaty, both girls remove their knickers.
They sit on two large gateaux, then they play with the cake mixture, smearing it over their legs and pussies!
Lorraine gets a cake smacked into her open legged bum which Sammi enjoys rubbing in the creamy mess!
Finally, we check the erotic thermometer for an update on how Sammi has performed!

A single scene, but what a scene!
Two girl Slapstick from fully clothed to both girls ending in just their suspenders and stockings! What a gooey performance!!
Not forgetting our sexy Slapstick song……another triumph of content over budget!
Run-time 7 mins 56 secs.

MAJOR ASPECT – Continuous 2 girl Slapstick - Run Time 7 min 56 secs

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