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VINTAGE FILM 7 Wheel of Misfortune STREAM 7

Next we have a Quiz Game ‘Plastermind’ with a live audience shot at the 1991 Aquantics Convention in Tenby. Looking suave and composed the quizmaster is Bill Shipton.
The 1st contestant is Melanie.
She fails the first question and tomato soup is poured over her head and then custard.
On her dark outfit the custard looks sleek and shiny.
Her skirt is lifted and cream poured over her red knickers, red suspender belt and black stockings.
It makes no difference passing on a question as Melanie is deluged with cream.
The 2nd contestant is Rachel.
She commences with golden syrup poured over her blonde hair and down the front of her strapless dress.
Failing her 2nd question, her top is pulled outwards as rice pudding covers her unseen boobs. This is followed by a liberal head coating of rice pudding!
The 3rd contestant is Carol.
Failing her first question, she has custard squirted over her hair, face and outfit.
Her next failed question sees her pretty face vigorously slopped up with mushy peas – see our FREE CLIP.
Then Carol is sprinkled with flour.
A final failed question brings rice pudding over her head.
Then we see her leave….well plastered!
The 4th contestant is Debbie.
Her outfit is already daubed with jam, then she receives yogurt over the head.
Her next failure leads to her satin look outfit being drenched with cream!
The quizmaster congratulates Mirrel (who we did not see in the quiz) on being Plastermind 1991.
Then, a predictable question from Mirrel and an even more predictable outcome as she is fulsomely messed up (plus some robust sound effects!).
Run-time 4 minutes 55 seconds.

We close with the Hostess (Lorraine) from the gameshow getting a custard facial from contestant Sammi, then a totally messy and almost nude Lorraine continues to be sploshed by Sammi. Run-time 42 seconds.
A brief 26 second song concludes this film as the titles roll.
Certificated by BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) on 28th April 1994 WSM7 still remains a very popular movie.

MAJOR ASPECT – Plastermind (with 5 girls) - Run Time 4 min 55 secs

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