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This is the concluding part of our love story and is all shot outdoors.
This Stream is devoted to the allure of mud.
Mel is determined to be the girl of John’s dreams.
She gets into a mud filled barrel dressed all in white, with top, mini skirt, thong, suspenders and stockings.
John gently mud smears her.
He lifts her muddied from the barrel, enjoys feeling her pert breasts, then lifts her skirt to muddily caress her bum.
Then it is kisses and more caresses before he returns Mel to the muddy barrel.
John smears Mel’s pretty face and hair with mud, with Mel as a very willing participant.
As Mel gets a total mud smearing, our song running just on 4 minutes starts.
You will all recognize the tune as our female singer sings: ‘The road may be muddy and wet but I don’t mind just how messy I get! I am a young girl in love!’
And Mel is as good as the words of the song!
Her top and skirt are removed as John continues to smear her bare body.
Mel ends up a totally muddied woman who is enjoyed by John indulging his WSM passion. Standing there, in the great outdoors, Mel relishes the sensation.
See our FREE Clip of John’s extremely muddied girlfriend.
At last John produces the ring to Mel’s great delight!
Run-time 8 mins 22 secs

We then have a 24 seconds Dragnet themed conclusion.

Finally, the titles are run for 48 seconds as we reprise our song.

MAJOR ASPECT – A very muddied Mel gets her man! Run-time 8 mins 22 secs.

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