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STREAM 3 18 mins 42 secs

This scene features Chocolate and was shot at Southport 2nd September 1999.

Rather than split this into two scenes, it is run as a single 19 minute scene with a corresponding price adjustment.
We commence with Shakina eating a chocolate product from the carton.
She wonders if she can just have a water fetish as the doctor diagnosed.
We get an immediate answer as Shakina finds herself in a large white jacuzzi bath, still eating her chocolate and clad in her white clothes -white long jacket edged with black, white skirt, white lacey blouse, white knickers, white suspender belt and white stockings.
But the bath is filled with dark chocolate.
Shakina starts to daub the chocolate on herself.
Her dream has come true – it feels wonderful!
She is going to get covered in chocolate! See FREE CLIP.
She spreads the chocolate over her outfit with some superb dripping chocolate shots.
Soon all her clothes are covered in chocolate.
She stands up as the chocolate drips away, then removes her jacket.
We see her standing, crouching down, sitting then lying in the chocolate.
When she kneels up again, Shakina tells us ‘Time to get really, really messy!’
She lies back and gets totally chocolaty as she is all covered, except her eyes.
She sloshes the chocolate over her knickered pussy in a truly fantastic chocolate scene.
At 12 mins 15 secs she stands up and the chocolate streams off her!
Then she puts more into her knickers and frigs herself.
Bob appears at 14 mins 50 secs and gets into the Jacuzzi with her.
Shakina rubs chocolate on him while Bob removes her blouse and strips her down.
Bob enjoys filling her panties with choc then pulling them tight!
They both play in the choc with each other and Shakina’s knickers are removed.
Then Bob puts his head under the chocolate between Shakina’s thighs to sample her chocolate pussy! He emerges fully chocolate covered!
They kiss passionately.

Suddenly all the chocolate disappears and Shakina is sitting on a worktop in the kitchen.
She is rubbing her white knickered crotch (which has a distinct chocolate stain!)
The phone rings……and Shakina comes to!
It is Bob, her lover, who is anxious to take her out for a romantic drive.
See how Shakina’s Dream Fetish expands into W, S and then M in Stream 4.

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