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STREAM 7 15 mins 38 secs

We continue with our two couples at slapstick play and the two girls being sploshed by Professor Treacle and Bob.

In the first 5 minutes, this is what happens:
The Prof asks Bob and Shakina ‘Have you thought of using margarine before?’
Shakina tells him ‘That sounds disgusting!’
To which the Prof replies ‘It is!’
The Prof then slops it over Sue, his secretary’s head, as he says ‘Especially when you get it in your hair!’
Sue tells him that it is gorgeous.
Shakina looks bemused but tells Bob ‘Come and get me then baby!’
Bob then rubs the margarine on Shakina’s hair and chest. She urges Bob to ‘Rub it into her legs!’
Shakina asks the Prof how she is doing.
He tells her ‘Excellent! You are learning very quickly!’
The Prof draws their attention to the clean clothes on the backs of both girls.
The Prof demos on his secretary Sue with chocolate sauce and Bob follows on Shakina. Shakina tells Bob to rub it into her bum. Her skirt is hoisted to show a very clean bum with tight white knickers. Rice pudding and jam are rubbed in by Bob.
The Prof empties a carton of custard down the back of Sue’s knickers, rubbing it in firmly. Bob follows suit and we see Shakina’s delicious bum custard coated!
The Prof sloshes Sue with mayonnaise over her back and knickers.
Bob enthusiastically follows and continues with treatment to Shakina’s legs.
This really is a superb double sploshing!
Bob pours custard down Shakina’s front.
The Prof tells him off! He has not got the right idea! It should be touchy/feely!
The Prof demonstrates on Shakina who is impressed! Her boobs are now out, and with both men caressing her, this is making her feel horny!
The Prof pours custard into the front of her knickers and inserts his hand. Bob follows on while the Prof gives Sue a similar custard treatment and her boobs are exposed.
Rice pudding follows down Shakina’s knicker front as Bob caresses her, but outside her knickers.
So after 5 mins we are less than half way through this incredible slapstick scene!

What follows next with the Prof demonstrating and Bob and Shakina imitating are:
1. Cherry pies – as the Prof says ‘Always in the face!’
His loyal secretary Sue is well sploshed up.
An apprehensive Shakina gets the cherry pie treatment!
2. The Prof demos eggs over Sue’s head, then our tutored couple follow.
3. Next, it is syrup again over Sue’s head, then the Prof massages her boobs.
Bob is enjoying himself by pouring syrup over Shakina’s head and boobs, licking a syrupy nipple – SEE FREE CLIP
4. The Prof tears off Sue’s jacket while Bob sedately removes Shakinas.
5. Rice pudding is poured down Sue’s back and over her blouse.
6. Treacle is poured over Sue’s back and over her blouse.
7. Sue removes her blouse so the Prof can pour chocolate sauce over her boobs.
The Prof tells Bob off for squirting the choc sauce rather than rubbing it gently.
8. Rice pudding is added and the Prof gets his tongue to work on Sue.
Bob has now taken the initiative.
9. Bob gives Shakina 2 cherry pies, one on her tits and one into her crotch.
10. The Prof lifts Sue and sits her in a large chocolate cake, massaging it into her
pussy. Bob does likewise then slops a full tub of mayonnaise over Shakina.
11. Bob pours choc sauce over Shakina’s outstretched leg as she lies back on the
table. Sue gets the choc sauce over her head! ‘Isn’t that fantastic’ says the Prof.

After 10 minutes Shakina asks Sue ‘Why are we the ones who are getting mucky?’
So the tables are turned and the boys get the mess!
Bob has messy sex with Shakina on the food strewn table.

Shakina tells the Prof ‘It was brilliant. It was the most satisfying orgasm of her life!
Wow! What an eye opener!’
Shakina says she knows exactly what she wants in the future!
So we find out the answers!
We end with the movie song plus short extracts from 6 of WSM 9’s scenes.

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