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Jade gets a Mayonnaise Sploshing

Run-time 29 mins 50 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

Movie offered only in SD (Standard definition) 278 Mb

Have you seen our Outdoor Mayonnaise sploshing set between JADE and her partner Steven?
If not, you are in for a real treat.
We feature JADE in set S100 with 66 Images.
And being set S100 it is rather special!
So check out the 5 sample Images below.

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Movie WSM 002 details the slapstick encounter with mayonnaise between Steven and his wife Jade.
In a garden setting, the long legged Asian Jade provokes us with her bullet nipples and pretty bum! This is horny material!
Steven sneaks up and deposits a small pail of mayonnaise (mayo) on her head, much to Jade’s surprise!
He slops a 2nd pail of mayo over her head and face, rubbing it in!
He tells her it is due to “All the trouble she caused him all week with all that stuff in the garage!” He is getting his own back by totally slopping her up in mayo!
As Jade says: “Drowning in Mayo – a once in a lifetime opportunity!”
This is ultimate messy partner play!
For the 3rd pail of mayo, Steven lashes it at Jade in an amazing scene!

In the 2nd Stream, Steven massages Jade’s pussy with the mayo.
Then he concentrates on her legs and feet.
Jade is fully mayo coated!
He gives her another face sploshing!
Her pussy is massaged with mayo as Steven plays with her!
“Do I look a slimy girl” asks Jade?
You bet she does, but this does not stop Steven asking her if she is ready for some more.
Of course Jade is! Steven returns with more mayo, gets Jade to stand up and sloshes the mayo over her bum, shoulders, head and back!
Jade is impressed with the Splat/Splosh sound as Steven slaps the mayo on her.
As she bends over, Steven slaps the mayo into her bum (twice).

In Stream 3, Jade tells Steven that he has made her nice and messy.
Steven asks her if he has missed a spot and Jade teasingly tells him he has missed her pussy!
Jade removes her dress and her knickers.
Steven gives her a full body covering with the mayo.
He continues to slop mayo over her, including her face, until Jade says she is a “mayonnaise girl!”
For the final minute, it is Jade’s turn as she sploshes Steven with the mayo, throwing it with vigour!
We show you 4 Clips showing just what a horny movie WSM002 is!
But does it end there??
The action continues to XXX with a further 13 minute movie XXX003 titled ‘Couple Mayonnaise Fun in the Garden’ – read the write-up in the Online Store XXX section.

MOVIE WSM002 has three streams:
Stream 1 runs 10 mins 00 sec
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 02 secs
Stream 3 runs 9 mins 48 secs

For the XXX movie version of Jade and Steven, go to ‘Couple Mayonnaise Fun in the Garden’ movie XXX003 in the WSM Online Store ‘XXX Section’.

Image Set S100

No of Images 66  

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