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Jade in tidal muddy lake

Run-time 25 mins 40 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

On a fabulous summer day, we were in South Wales as Jade wanted some mud fun!

Jade was dressed in:
A white shirt
Black waist cinching belt
White thong, white suspender belt and white stockings
White ankle boots
Jade starts with some posing shots on the lake bank among the wild grass.
She paddles in the muddy bank of the lake.
This is very dark and thick mud.
Jade enjoys her muddy play as the pics show, gradually becoming messier.
It is not long before the tidal water arrives, but Jade continues with her muddy play.
She gets her hair and face muddy.
Jade loves the mud and it shows in her happy pictures.
With her shirt off her body is soon muddy.
Eventually leaving the lake, a very mud-caked Jade poses for us on the grassy bank.
She ends with some very revealing shots as the mud covered Jade shows what an uninhibited model she is!
Jade provides another superb performance.
See if you agree as we show you 5 sample shots from the 234 pics of her shoot.

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I thought that movie WSM108 was not going to happen!
Having checked out the South West Wales location the previous day, the tide had well covered the proposed shoot area when we arrived.
But I spotted a new location and after a climb over fences and a trudge through the wild grass, we were there!
Next, was to beat the still advancing tide!
No wonder I was out of breath with all the frantic effort to get a shoot under way.
So apologies for microphone noise plus a very blustery wind.
But maybe I am getting too old for this now!
I do not know why I am so surprised, as it is all in a day’s filming!
Jade is her usual very talkative self.
At first the muddy area is free from water.
Jade says she is ‘just getting messy’.
She describes the area as ‘a mud pot’!
Jade then starts a slow daubing process.
By the 2nd download stream, the pool is now overwhelmed by water.
But Jade presses on.
She soaks in it and plays in the black muddy water.
She asks the question ‘Do I look black now?’
Jade becomes a wet, dirty, black muddy girl.
She says after covering herself ‘in black Welsh mud, her name is ‘Black Jade!’
We show you 2 Clips from the 25 minute movie WSM108.

MOVIE WSM108 has two streams running 25 mins 40 secs:
Stream 1 runs 12 mins 39 sec
Stream 2 runs 13 mins 01 secs

IMAGE SET M191 has 234 shots

Image Set M191

No of Images 234  

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