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SHERRY gets sploshed in the meadow

Run-time 10 mins 26 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips and 1 Stream1 – Slapstick

Every now and again certain aspects of a shoot make you believe it all went wrong.
Then reality kicks in! The set is published and amazingly, everyone says they really enjoyed it!
So this is how I felt when you all voted with your actions and subscribed!
A red faced judge!
Reality television!
We have all seen the shows.
Perhaps the most famous is X Factor.
So you may have wondered why they include some hopeless optimistic contestants.
They turn up, say they can sing……yet you do not know whether to grin or grimace!
Well, this week we experience that effect!
The girl is cute and willing!
It is June and the sun is shining!
But once the outdoor action starts, SHERRY is screeching and squealing!
So we have a very short movie WSM114 lasting just over 10 minutes.
Ingredients used are:
Custard, chicken soup, double cream, flavoured milks of strawberry, chocolate and banana, tomato soup, natural yogurt and 2 chocolate fudge cakes!
And which of these did SHERRY enjoy?
None of them!
So SHERRY is the very, very reluctant girlfriend!
This is a strong dose of realism!
So what does it teach us?
Choose well!
Both WSM with their models and YOU with your partners.
Being willing is one thing, but reality counts!
So talk to your partners and experiment with them…..before it is too late!
We show you 2 Clips from Movie WSM114 of Sherry’s WAM experience.

And we have 179 images of Sherry in set S282.
So can the camera lie??
Of course it can for in the image set Sherry looks happy at times!
So make up your own minds!
Was Sherry really having a bad time……or just acting up?
Let’s have the final word from cameraman Mike Ellison……’Never again!’
Confused? Puzzled? You are not the only one!
Because……you all loved it!!!

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Image Set S282

No of Images 179  

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