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Kerrie - Enjoys Natural Yogurts on her skin and clothes

Run-time 37 mins 07 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

This 37 minute movie WSM126 of KERRIE was one of the first we shot in HD.
Kerrie plays with natural yogurt but in a special way.
Now and again you just know something is going to be really good!
Is it the girl?
Is it the way she dresses?
Is it the way she acts?
Is it the way she looks at you?
Is it the way she speaks?
The answer is yes, it is all them and more.
Dressed in a micro red mini dress, black stockings, suspenders, knickers and bra, with strappy small platform shoes…..this starts off looking good and continues.
So Kerrie slowly coats her clothes and body, murmuring sensuously with giggles and sighs.
She loves to stretch her limbs and even when clothed looks smolderingly erotic.
See if you like the look of KERRIE as we show 3 FREE Clips from Movie WSM126.

MOVIE WSM126 has 3 HD Streams running 37 mins 07 secs.

We have long haired Kerrie in a red mini dress with black bra, suspenders, stockings, knickers and heels in Slapstick Image set S294 with 235 shots.
She starts by smearing the yogurt over her dress and arms.
Then she smears her legs, stockings and heels before turning her attention to her thighs.
Kerrie sits on the floor and pours yogurt on herself and the floor – then she rolls on the yogurt floor and her hair starts to get messy.
Next, her dress is off and she rubs the yogurt into her body and remaining bra, pants and stockings.
We even have some toe play shots.
Then her bra is off as Kerrie proudly displays her pert tits.
Yogurt is poured down her body.
Finally, Kerrie is nude and we have 60 shots of her yogurt covered.
She is quite uninhibited as she sits against the wall, pouring yogurt down her front in an open legged pose.
She ends with a few explicit bum shots.
See if Kerrie appeals to you as we show you 5 sample shots from image set S294.

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Image Set S294

No of Images 235  

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