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Mrs. CC as the muddy secretary and Mr. CC as her boss, as they both get mud plastered in the silky, peaty, oily black mud

Run-time 35 mins 56 secs

WMV Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

This is a joint shoot with WSM combining with Custard Couple (CC).
Boss Charles (Mr. CC) is still smarting from that custard pie thrown in annoyance by his secretary Penny (see it for free in Clip 1 from movie WSM132 or CC08 movie).
So revenge is sweet!
Or was it that Charles had mud fantasies and used his pretty secretary as an excuse to get both her and himself muddy?

The movie opens with Charles and Penny on their lunch break.
But it is a working lunch as Charles prattles on about a forthcoming business hospitality function.
Penny is looking for some fun and does her best to distract her boss as she climbs over a stile.
They walk further but Charles rattles on about the function.
Penny suzzes out that Charles really wants some playtime.
So she acts up.
Charles pushes her into the muddy stream.

‘Look how black it is’ says Penny (and it certainly is!)
The sight of her gets Charles aroused.
Looks are replaced by touch.
Penny tells him she will get him extra specially messy and muddy.
Their mud games continue as Charles indulges his fantasies as they lie on the stream bank for some sex fun.
Charles sloshes up Penny who states ‘It really was a total utter ploy to get me covered in mud!’
But Charles has equally found Penny out. ‘I knew that’s what you wanted to do’, he says.
Penny pushes Charles into the stream and he pulls her in after him.

Their mud games continue as they lark about getting messier and messier.
Then Penny’s jacket is off and Charles pushes her down.
They both have an unbelievably muddy time, so it becomes difficult to know whose fantasies are more fulfilled!
Clothes are opened and Penny’s blouse is removed.
They sit on the far bank looking like two black creatures!

They continue to remove their clothes.
Penny says ‘Do you think we should jump in?’
Charles responds by sending her sprawling into the muddy stream.
He then joins her for the messiest of mudlarks.
‘This is a dream made in heaven – we have never had so much mud before’ says Penny.
This is the sloppiest, muddiest, blackest mud fun you will see with both totally enjoying themselves with this amazing unreal experience!
Penny decides to take her knickers off…..but it is not that simple! – see Clip 3

Finally, Penny’s suspenders and stockings come off as she gets a deep muddy roll-around.

They continue to smother and caress.
Charles reminds Penny (again) of ‘that pie!’
‘It is revenge time’ he says as he mud dunks Penny’s pretty face!
Of course Charles has to take his turn as he gets a face dunk!
This is how Penny ended.

And so we end the movie with two creatures from the black lagoon!
But perhaps you prefer the image set better as our dirty duo prepare to skip off for a wash!

Image set M219 with 485 pics does include some shots not seen in the movie, including the end wash off of Penny.
Quite an amazing movie and has to be seen to be believed!
Both the movie and 35mm cameras were totally bemused with the inky blackness!
But we did get enough output to make movie WSM201/CC76 and image set M219, items to be treasured.
And Custard Couple with their acting, fantasies and sheer enjoyment!
Wow! They are so very special!

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Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Image Set M219

No of Images 485  

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