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Sinead gets Wet then Messy

Run-time 40 mins 13 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

WMV 2 Sample Clips
WMV 2 Streams

We often come up with something different.
Now this is unusual.
Sinead is more suited to be a fashion model with a pair of the smallest boobs we have featured!
Her body has some varied and interesting tattoos plus very fancy nails!
She has an intriguing accent, being from north east England.
So, not our normal type of model, but she pleaded to have a try at the Wet and Messy.
Have you ever seen a girl shave under her arms and her pussy during a shoot?
See it in Stream 2 of this movie WSM157.
There were two cameras covering this shoot.

Stream 1
Dressed in a red mini short sleeved dress, black court shoes and white briefs, Sinead starts the Wet scene slowly, with shoe play then wetting her bare legs.
Next her arms are wetted and after 5 mins she gets her dress wet.
She does not really grab our attention until she lifts her dress to show a very trim bum - see Clip 1.
Then her bra top and knickers get well wetted.
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 54 secs

Stream 2
Commences with some shoe play – see Clip 2.
After 1 min 45 sec she bravely removes her bra and we see a nipple pin.
She wets her hair then removes her knickers after 3 minutes.
So we all wonder what happens in the following 7 minutes when she is nude.
We see her pussy jewelry.
Sinead enjoys pussy play with her probing fingers.
We have a surprise 2 minute shaving scene as she shaves under her arms then her pussy. There are some raunchy revealing shots.
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 15 secs
We show you 5 sample images from set W321

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WMV 2 Sample Clips
WMV 2 Streams

Next, Sinead has some messy play.
There are two bowls of runny chocolate.

Stream 3
We commence as Sinead describes her outfit.
She is all in white with a dress with a lace bodice, suspender belt, stockings and briefs.
She starts applying the runny chocolate to her arms.
‘It’s all wet and gooey’ she says.
‘It is dark chocolate I’m putting all over myself’.
‘I bet you’d like to lick it off!’
She applies the choc to her left leg.
‘It’s all slimy’ she says.
She continues with the right leg.
‘Do you like the sound of that?’ she asks.
She sits on the floor doing her legs, then her shoes.
She scoops chocolate over her dress top.
‘I’m all sticky’ Sinead says – see Clip 3
She continues to mess up all her dress.
She lies back on the floor squirming in the chocolate mess.
Then she kneels by the bowls to finish covering the white bits.
Next, she puts two handfuls of choc over her head and rubs her hair and face.
Stream 3 runs 10 mins 13 secs

Stream 4
Standing Sinead removes her dress and does her suspender belt and knickers, re-doing her face and hair then scooping the choc over her shoulders and further daubing her body.
She applies choc to her back, then she lies in the chocolate mess – see Clip 4.
After messing her bum and thighs she pulls her knickers aside to finger her pussy.
She sits on the floor and removes her shoes, suspender belt and stockings, massaging the choc over her legs and body.
Then her pantied crotch and bum crack gets some chocolate.
Standing, she pours the remaining liquidy chocolate from a bowl over her head.
Chocolate drips off her pantied crotch.
Then her knickers are off and she sits on the floor with open legs facing the camera.
She continues to daub her body and we get good close-up shots of a chocolate covered pussy.
She kneels up with her chocolate back to the camera and we get further shots of her choc bum and pussy as the chocolate runs down.
She lies on the floor again.
We have a final bum and pussy shot before she waves goodbye.
Stream 4 runs 9 mins 51 secs
We show you 5 sample images from set S345

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MOVIE WSM157 has 4 Streams running 40 mins 13 secs.
The movie is divided into:
Clips and Streams 1 and 2 Wet running 20 mins 09 secs
And Clips and Streams 3 and 4 Messy running 20 mins 04 secs
Image set W321 has 111 shots.
Image set S345 has 104 shots.

Image Set

No of Images 111  

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