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Custard Couple – Chocolate at Bedtime

Run-time 19 mins 24 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD 450Mb
This is outrageous chocolate fun as Mrs. CC messes up her bed!
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted (see movie XXX043 for XXX addition).

Stream 1
Mrs. CC is enjoying herself by watching ‘a really horny lady getting messed up in chocolate’.
She is referring to Shakina from DVD Vintage Film WSM9 ‘Sex WSM’.
(But you can see Shakina in the chocolate in Download of Vintage Film 9, Stream 3. Or
if you prefer the XXX version go to XXX Section ‘Vintage Film9 Sex WSM Stream 3’).
Viewing either of these Downloads should explain why Mrs. CC got herself turned on.
Mrs. CC explains what she will do – see CLIP 1.
She has warmed up her chocolate spread so it is runny.
She pours it over the front of her dress, tasting some as it drips.
Then she spreads the chocolate over the dress.
The next jar goes on her arm, hand, then her hair and face as Mrs. CC does her best to mess herself up!
Next, her stockings get some choc, then she tries to get chocolate covered.
‘The chocolatier the better!’ she says.
Her panties get special attention and soon she is rubbing her clit in expectation.
Mrs. CC pours some choc down her panties and we get a great close-up of her chocolaty knickers, plus an addition from the next jar of chocolate.
She slicks the chocolate over her dress, face and hair.
Then she turns round (7 mins 45 secs) and we see the clean white back of her dress, plus clean white panties.
But Mrs. CC soon gets to work to put that right!
Within one minute her knickered bum is chocolate coated!
The chocolate smearing continues while Mrs. CC rolls about.
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 44 secs

Stream 2
Commences as Mrs. CC tries to smother her bra and boobs with chocolate.
Kneeling up, she applies more choc to her bum and hair before reaching for another jar.
The full jar of choc goes over her head and runs down the back of her dress.
Mrs. CC enjoys the chocolate dripping down her back.
She pulls her knickers down and rubs chocolate over her bare bum.
Then she pulls her knickers up, rubs her knickered bum some more, before reclining on her side and flaunting her long chocolate covered legs – see Clip 2.
She continues to rub choc into her legs and knickers, but it is not long before her hand finds its way into her knickers.
She lies on her back to enjoy some clit play.
Her spread chocolaty legs and knickers are a serious attempt to provoke us all!
She lifts and spreads her legs for some glorious shots.
Then her knickers are pulled aside so we see her choc pussy lips plus fabulous leg shots.
Then it is all too much for Mrs. CC and she pulls down her knickers.
So does she remove her knickers? Oh no!
She pours more chocolate over the knickers, then directly onto her pussy!
Mrs. CC gives in to her desires and vigorously rubs her chocolaty clit.
With her knickers about her ankles, this is a most horny sight.
She shows us how she uses a chocolate finger!
Then with double handed action, she brings herself to a noisy orgasm!
With her legs lifted we get fantastic choc legs and pussy shots.
Mrs. CC drips the last remaining chocolate over her knickers before amazing us by licking her chocolate knickers.
At 8 mins 25 secs Mr. CC enters and is aghast at the mess!
Of course Mrs. CC knows how to turn him on by posing provocatively before she tells him ‘You know what I’d like?’
Here this movie ends but I will give you a great tip!
Go to movie XXX043 in the XXX Section of the Online Store. There in the free Clip, you get Mrs. CC’s answer……..and it will blow your socks off!
Stream 2 runs 9 mins 40 secs

If you wish to see the write-up of the XXX that followed, then go to movie XXX043 in the Online Store XXX section.

MOVIE CC69 has 2 HD Streams running 19 mins 24 secs.

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