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Dee in the silty, peaty, oily mud

Run-time 27 mins 09 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

Stream 1
Dee starts by telling us she loves the mud shoots, but this latest location is very much a challenge!
She describes her outfit ? see CLIP 1
?Let the fun begin? says Dee as she steps into the muddy stream.
She slowly daubs her legs transforming them to an oily blackness!
She rubs the ?silt? into her arms and legs, before showing us a very clean white bottom, which then gets a muddy daubing.
At 4 mins-14 secs she kneels down ?getting muddier and muddier!?
She continues to rub the mud into her outfit.
At 5-17 she lies back.
She kneels forward and applies more mud to her outfit.
?Look how messy I am? she says.
But we have seen nothing yet!
Dee plays in the mud so by the end of Stream 1, her outfit is just about fully muddied!
Stream 1 runs 7 mins 46 secs

Stream 2
Commences as she daubs her face with mud, to give herself ?a lovely mudpack!?
But after only 26 seconds she dips her face for a mud dunk!
Not content, she goes back for a further face dunk!
Now this is a lady who is fearless in the mud!
She strides to the bank then does a backward splat into the mud for more writhing and frolicking!
Yes! This is a lady who is determined to get totally muddy!
Then she goes to the bank and displays her heavy, muddy skirt.
The squishing of the muddy skirt is ?a lovely sound? she says.
Dee then jumps back in for mud play, getting messier and messier.
At 3-56 she has a full head dunk!
She goes back to the bank to display her muddiness before she dives head first into ?the gorgeous mud pool? ? see CLIP 2
Next, she jumps into the pool.
Then another dive off the bank.
You wonder if Dee can get any filthier?
But she seems determined to try!
And each time she comes up smiling or grinning!
Then, some dancing on the bank in her totally muddied skirt, before falling back in backwards.
Next, a forward dive into the mud with deep head submersion. Then she repeats the dive!
She continues her mud play.
Dee exits to the bank for another muddy shakedown of her clothes!
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 37 secs and ends as Dee removes her skirt.

Stream 3
Dee continues her mud play before exiting to remove her top.
Back in the mud, she flounders about, sings about the mud, and shows off her muddy boobs! ? see CLIP 3
But muddy play is tiring play and Dee struggles to stay active.
At 4-03 she removes her thong, then slides back in for yet more muddy play.
She has a ?nude mudbath?.
After 5-42 she exits then rolls back in for another play!
But Dee cannot resist one final face dunk, so she dives off the bank again at 6-35 and still comes up smiling!
Lying on the bank we get some rather explicit shots.
It has all been quite unbelievable as Dee ends triumphant saying ?Completely nude and Muddy!?
Dee! Some mudgirl! Some woman!
Stream 3 runs 7 mins 46 secs

Image set M206 has 323 shots of Dee in the mud.
But it is unusual as a number of shots have graduated light and close-ups.
Mud movies and images do not come much better than this!
If you want mucky ? then these are mega mucky!
We show you 6 sample images from this set M206.

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Image Set M206

No of Images 323  

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