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Mrs. CC in Choco River

Run-time 7 mins 48 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Streams plus 3 Sample Clips

Stream 1 – all wet
This movie is a mix of wet and messy and the action takes place alongside a gently murmuring river.
‘It is perfect for getting all wet and messy’ says Mrs. CC.
Her high heels are not too suitable for the pebbly river.
She wets herself down dressed all in white.
Soon her boobs are out for some wet, splashy play, before she crouches down in the river (see CLIP 1).
She leaves the river for a chocolate milkshake drink.
Stream 1 runs 6 mins 16 secs

Stream 2 all messy
Suddenly there appears chocolate milkshakes, chocolate custard, chocolate spread and a chocolate cake plus squirty cream.
Starting with a taste of a chocolate milkshake, Mrs. CC says we do not want to drink it, but to get really messy!
And so the messy fun begins…….as Mrs. CC does her best to get totally messy while still clothed.
If you like to see a glamorous woman get messed up and her clothes transformed, then this is it!
She gives herself a chocolate shampoo with the chocolate custard.
This is one very dirty woman!
She stands up so she can pour the chocolate custard over herself!
But her back remains white.
Custard over the back of her head then poured down her back, gets her messy.
Then she pays attention to getting her white lacy panties equally chocolaty and messy.
Still standing, she applies chocolate spread and enjoys daubing her boobs (see CLIP 2).
Mrs. CC is in messy heaven!
Squeezing her dress, a river of chocolate runs down her frontage over her garterbelt and into her panties.
She rubs a couple of handfuls of chocolate spread into her bum and thighs.
Finally, all that is left is the chocolate cake!
She squidges it up then slops it over her bum, then lifts her panties to put the chocolate cake inside.
Her panties are a chocolaty mess!
Then more chocolate cake goes down inside the front of her panties to get well massaged into her clit and pussy.
Mrs. CC licks her fingers in delight!
What a great messy Stream this has been!
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 45 secs

Stream 3 two thirds Messy and one third Wet
In Stream 3 Mrs. CC strips off and becomes even more chocolaty.
Taking off her no longer white mini dress, she applies more chocolate spread over her body.
‘Now we are getting really chocolaty’ she says.
Clad in garterbelt, panties, stockings and heels Mrs. CC gets herself covered with chocolate.
Then she applies squirty cream over herself, especially to her boobs.
She fills up the front of her panties with the cream and eats some from the squirted can.
Another creamy boob sploshing makes her look even tastier!
Then, crouching on the side of the river, she rubs her body then her hair (see CLIP 3).
Great hand held camera close-ups make you feel that you are there with her!
She poses chocolaty and almost naked on the river bank.
Just when you think she has finished, Mr. CC has other ideas as he throws chocolate liquidy milkshake over her!
Now it is time for a wash-off in the river.
Mrs. CC slowly rinses off standing in the river.
She kneels down for a more thorough rinsing.
Then she is lying on her back in the river clad in garterbelt, panties, stockings and heels.
She rinses off her hair while gyrating her legs in a very sexy wash-off position.
What a hardy lady she is, braving the cold river to entertain us.
She dips her hair into the running water giving some great wet hair shots.
She has had ‘a very chocolaty, refreshing, lovely time’ she says.

MOVIE CC44 Choco River has 3 Streams running 27 mins 48 secs.

In addition there are 109 image shots in set S352 also available when you purchase this movie download.
We show you 5 sample shots of the action.
There are no wet images in these samples.

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