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Mrs. CC as Mud Slut 6

Run-time 26 mins 50 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Streams plus 3 Sample Clips

How many women get off by being in the mud?
Well here is one seeking a mud orgasm??.the ultra sexed Mrs. CC!
This 27 minute movie is an object of fascination.
The blonde Mrs. CC has prepared carefully with a full flared white skirt worn with a white bra and white blouse tucked together with a broad black belt.
Team up white knickers and suspenders, black stockings and black below the knee boots, and we eagerly anticipate the mudding that Mrs. CC wishes to subject herself to.
But being Mrs. CC, she talks us through her thoughts while sat on ?her tree? (see CLIP 1).
?There is nothing like a nice mudbath is there? It is so, so sexy!? she says as she chats with her skirt hoisted to her waist, showing her pristine white knickers.
She caresses herself, turned on by the thought of her intended muddy sex fun.
In a tranquil wooded setting she finds her elusive mud bath and squelches her boots in it in delight.
She starts by messing up the crotch of her white knickers and this starts to arouse her.
Next, she covers her bum, slapping the mud on!
Kneeling in the mud she daubs her blouse concentrating on her tits.
Lifting her blouse, she mud smothers her bra.
And all the time??.she chats to us!
Then she daubs her arms.

Next, her skirt is covered.
Soon, her boobs are out and get a liberal mud sloshing.
Then she gets her thighs really messy.
Kneeling away from the camera, her skirted bum gets the full muddy treatment.
We do see the shadow of Mr. CC, but remember that this is an actual amateur couple and we are so privileged to be voyeurs of their sexy fun and adventures.
Lifting up her skirt she muds up her bum and thighs before sitting then squirming in it (see CLIP 2).
Mrs. CC is now very well mud covered.
Her lust starts to overcome her as she rubs and slaps her clit even using both hands to get satisfaction.
She finally brings herself single handed to an intense muddy orgasm, gasping and groaning with delight!
Standing, she removes her skirt and belt as the wind arouses itself at her muddy state!

She lies on her back and continues to slather the mud over herself.
Then she removes her muddied blouse, showing white shoulders.
She spreads the mud again, releasing her boobies.
Then she lies on her stomach for a further mud squirm (see CLIP 3) with many a squelchy sound.
Mrs. CC tells us the squelching turns her on!
She continues to show her boobs and bum parading her muddiness.
She tells us she ?Does love being a very, very messy Mud Slut!?
Mrs. CC continues to express her feelings while rubbing mud all over her body, including her face.
The wind roars its approval!
Next, she removes her knickers.
As she daubs away with the mud she jokes about her state, ?Caught with her knickers down!?
Getting changed means redressing then going and sitting in her tree!
So she redresses in the slippy, slidy clothes and goes back to her tree.
Mrs. CC continues to show off her muddy clothes and chat about her muddy orgasm which has made her so relaxed.
Wow! What a lady! What an experience!
Watching and listening makes you appreciate her daring as she got muddy just for us!
We show you 3 Clips of her mud fun from movie CC49.

MOVIE CC49 of Mrs. CC as Mud Slut 6 has 3 Streams running 26 mins 50 secs.

If you thought the movie was fantastic in itself, there are in addition 116 video grabs.
We publish these as Image set M210.
See if you like them as we show you 5 sample shots.

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Image Set M210

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