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Jade is cream and custard flanned

Run-time 21 mins 01 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

It is not often that Mike Ellison gets involved in the action, but someone had to spread the flans!
Working with Jade is always a problem.
No need to try and script it!
Jade just chatters away!
Despite the action, Jade wants to talk us through it.
She does her best to provoke the phantom.
So I say ‘I know something to make you silent!’
See what happens in Clip 1.

Then Jade receives two cream flans to the sides of her head.
Flans are rubbed over her back and bum.
Sitting, she receives a cream flan over the front of her dress.
But a further personal remark leads to further flan silencing!
Next, cream is poured into her knickers.
Kneeling on the chair Jade presents her trim bum as a target.
Soon the phantom applies a custard flan before opening the knickers to place a further custard flan on her bum.
Her stockings are custard flanned followed by further flans to each side of her thighs.
Jade decides to give us ‘flan wedgies’ as she pulls her knickers tight into her bum!
She is teased with a custard flan in front of her face…..but it ends rubbed on her head!
But Jade just cannot shut up!
So two further custard flans are applied Tiswas style ‘In the Mush!’

Stream 2 opens with Jade removing her dress.
A custard flan is rubbed over her small boobs then down her body.
Turning round she receives a custard flan rubbed down her back and bum.
The next flan is inserted down the front of her knickers, rubbed in and removed – see Clip 2.

But Jade finds ‘a little dildo’ down her knickers (part of the flan).
She proudly displays her bare custard coated pussy before removing her knickers.
A further custard flan facial followed by a hair rub makes her believe the flans have ended.
But no!
Time for another quick body and pussy custard flan massage.
Next, she leans over her chair presenting her enticing bum to the camera.
A custard flanning soon follows over her pussy and bum.
Jade receives a custard bowl so she can mess herself up.
It does not take her long to drain the bowl, ending with the bowl on her head!
She says she is ‘A real custard girl now’.
She sits on the shower plinth and spreads her legs for some custard play.
We get some very raunchy bum shots.
After 7 mins Jade gets showered off still wearing her garter belt and stockings.
The shower seems to work best at keeping her quiet!
In the final minute she removes her garter belt and stockings.
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 52 secs

MOVIE WSM184 of Jade cream & custard flanned has 2 HD Streams running 21 mins 01 secs.

Sadly I did have 323 x 35mm Images but they were lost with my computer malfunction.
We have to make do with 86 video grabs in image set S365.
Sorry folks!

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Image Set S365

No of Images 86  

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