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Wet Wedding Dress

Run-time 22 mins 16 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

The Irish Sea is chilly even on the warmest of days.
So how do you shoot a Wetlook movie in full wedding dress regalia on a public beach?
Only by showing true grit and beating the onlookers with an early start.
This movie was completed by 8.10am.
But does Mrs. CC show any fear and cold………of course not!
She starts by talking us through her full length wedding dress.
We see her white stockings and heels (that remain on through this shoot).
There is nothing like the roar of the sea, crash of the waves and ripple of the surf.
Mrs. CC sits on a chair. We marvel at her stockings and sheer net knickers.
Leaning back, her hair touches the water, but she stretches too far – see CLIP 1.

Then it is into the sea and the surf on a calm summers day.
We see her pale blue knickers and white suspender belt.
Mrs. CC kneels then lies in the crashing waves.
This is fully clothed wet play. She gets fully submerged by the sea and is carried to the shoreline by the waves.
Mrs. CC gets up and walks out further into the sea.
After some play she heads out of the water as Stream 1 ends.

Stream 2 opens with Mrs. CC lying in the shallows enjoying the wet experience in her wedding dress. We are very up-close and feel we are there on the beach with her.
Now here is a woman who really enjoys getting wet, and it shows.
There are some terrific shots in the shallow surf.
What an invigorating tonic this is (for us all!)
There is something here for everyone who likes wet clothed women!
Mrs. CC ventures into the bigger waves only to be swept over.
She goes for an impromptu swim, being buffeted by the surf.
She returns to the shallows in a crescendo of noise.
After 7 mins 25 secs she removes her dress and then lies in the surf – see Clip 2.

Mrs. CC shows plenty of movement and super stretching exercises.
She exits the sea (9 mins 57 secs) and strides onto the sandy beach as the wind ripples its approval.
After 10 mins 25 secs, she removes her bra for some topless shots and poses (which is always difficult on a public beach).
With Mr. CC on camera, this is yet another wet classic of couple wet fun.
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 58 secs
Mrs. CC’s advice on what to do with an old Wedding Dress is ‘Wet it! Mess it! Destroy it!’
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MOVIE CC46 of Mrs. CC in her wet wedding dress has 2 HD Streams running 22 mins 16 secs.

There are 126 images taken from the camera shoot.
These give a great history of Mrs. CC’s Wedding Dress sea bathe.
Take a look at these 5 sample images to see if they appeal.

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Image Set W332

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