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Kasia and Nikki are two Muddy Goalies

Run-time 20 mins 17 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips

Kasia (in white) and Nikki (in red) take on the muddiest goalkeeper challenge together.
They have their own doubles style of play – see Clip 1.

But as time passes, their football interest declines and they become more interested in playing with each other!
After 4 mins 35 secs Nikki gets pulled down.
The yells and bad language gush forth.
Nikki’s huge boobs are revealed, then it is Kasia’s turn to expose her tits!
The ball is ignored as they devote their energies to playing with each other!
You have never seen football played like this.
A football expert analysed it as ‘Kick a bit, play a bit!’

Stream 2 opens with more bad language and dual play as the girls strip down further.
The football re-starts – see Clip 2

Stripped to knickers, socks and boots it makes an interesting spectacle.
But once they return in goal together, their attention switches to messy fun play.
Resuming the football they enjoy their muddy state.
The referee steps in and awards the first penalty to Kasia.
But does she take a normal penalty kick?
Oh No! For it becomes a very personal penalty.
Nikki is dumped in the mud and given a muddy shampoo!
As you gather, there was no script for this movie and the two girls just express their feelings!
The second penalty sees Nikki take her revenge on Kasia who begs, screams and swears!
They daub each others faces with Kasia doing her best to evade the messiness.
They finish with two correct penalties, forcing a muddy dive from each.
The movie ends as they take a last muddy cuddle!
What an experience that was!

MOVIE WSM190 of Kasia and Nikki and their muddy football fun has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 17 secs.

There are 172 images taken with 35mm camera in set M217, which comes as part of the package.
You can sense the tempestuous nature of the shoot with two such volatile girls.
Re-live this first (and probably last) dual goalies shoot as the girls try to out-perform each other.
This is a great record of a crazy shoot.
As the girls would say ‘Oh Yea Baby!’
We show you 5 sample images.

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Image Set M217

No of Images 172  

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