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Axajay meets Mr. Nasty

Run-time 37 mins 24 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

4 HD Streams plus 4 HD Sample Clips

WSM movies often feature couple play.
This can involve foreplay but usually has a sexual theme.
What do you associate with Domination and Bondage?
Control is the magic word……..and this movie is all about CONTROL!
If you think movie WSM174 is straightforward, then think again.
This is all about watching Control pass from one person to the other.
At what point in this 37 minute movie does control pass from the dominant Mr. Nasty?
Now that is for you to decide.
So, an interesting Slapstick movie using yogurt, with a somewhat unpredictable ending.

But it all started in a rather obvious manner.
For some reason Axajay had agreed a date with Mr. Nasty.
The movie commences with Axajay handcuffed to the shower.
Mr. Nasty makes a messy entrance.
Axajay complains – see CLIP 1.

Mr. Nasty continues to dominate and give Axajay the sploshing she obviously wants.
He does take advantage of her, the object being ‘to get her nice and messy’ he says.
So this is a visionary delight as Mr. Nasty dishes out the yogurt.
There is great repartee between the pair.
Their actions fuel our fantasies.
‘Do you think you can take me on?’asks Mr. Nasty.
‘You like a splash and a splosh’ enquires Mr. Nasty?
‘I love it’ replies Axajay.
‘No enjoyment here’ says Mr. Nasty, not while he is in charge (or should that be control?)
Axajay is told that the idea is for Mr. Nasty to enjoy himself.
Soon Axa’s boobies are exposed and yogurt covered.
Mr. Nasty enjoys boob play with ‘A good grope and a lick’ says Axa.
He liked her nipples so much, but as he attempts to lick them, Axa retaliates – see CLIP 2.

‘Now you are really in for it ‘ he says.
Her dress is removed then squeezed out over her head by Mr. Nasty.
She is handcuffed as Mr. Nasty ‘thinks he has got her!’
She kicks yogurt at him so he pulls her to the floor.
Mr. Nasty enjoys covering her back and bum with the yogurt.
We have some fine bum and pussy shots as he pours the yogurt.
Axa gamely fights back throwing yogurt over him.
He splatters her bum with yogurt.

The wheel begins to turn as Mr. Nasty makes an impromptu remark that causes the action eventually to move in a different direction.
But Mr. Nasty wants to see how far he can push her.
With her standing handcuffed, arms above her head, he removes her knickers.
The couple play becomes more intimate.
Mr. Nasty attempts to make her pussy creamy!
Then when she is leaning over, he splashes her bum and pussy with yogurt.
He teases her by saying he has a surprise for her. It is in his pocket!
Touching her toes, Axa makes an inviting target!
Then Mr. Nasty turns really serious, sploshing her fully – see CLIP 3.

Yogurt is flung over her.
He produces her surprise.
Axa is very apprehensive as he continues to tease her.
She cunningly gets him to play along as she indulges in some raunchy and provocative shots – see Sample pic 4.
Mr. Nasty lies her on the floor sliding her about before removing her handcuffs.
He continues to apply yogurt to her boobs – see CLIP 4, before he exposes her pussy directly to the camera.

He covers her pussy in yogurt to protect her modesty!
Kneeling up, Axa then assumes control straddling a reluctant Mr. Nasty before subjecting him to cold yogurts.
Tit for tat follows.
He has let her free and is annoyed.
With her bum and pussy both on show, he splatters them with yogurt!
Mr. Nasty sets her a proving trial.
The tit for tat continues.
But Axa meets all the challenges.
So Mr. Nasty makes her an offer!
What happens? Where is all this leading?
Only the movie will tell you.
Watch out for the sequel (still to be shot!)

Mr. Nasty finds out why Axajay is such a top splosh model!
Some fantastic sploshy play with horny delights.

A great value 37 min movie in crisp HD.

But there is more, for again I say what is a movie without the images!
We have 216 shots of this great yogurt set S349.
As you gather, with the white of the yogurt, it is difficult to capture the precise image.
But the results are good and well worth a look.
Again, we have re-sized all images in this set S349 so you get full page viewing.
There are some great action shots.
We show you 5 sample pics from image set S349.

MOVIE WSM174 of ‘Axajay meets Mr. Nasty’ has 4 HD Streams running 37 mins 24 secs.

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Image Set S349

No of Images 216  

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