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CC in Batman meets Catwoman

Run-time 47 mins 31 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

5 HD Streams plus 5 HD Sample Clips

Here we have two ordinary people doing something quite extraordinary!
There are 5 Streams to this movie.
It would take too long to write in detail, so here is a quick summary.
Stream 1
From the start to 2 mins 20 secs we see a mugging and the arrival of Batman…..followed shortly after by Catwoman.
Batman and Catwoman compete! From 2 mins 21 secs to 7 mins 59 secs Catwoman is wetted in her catsuit and long boots – see Clip 1 and sample pic.
From 8 mins 00 secs to 11 mins 03 secs there is a tomato sauce battle – see Clip 2.
Stream 2
Then Batman is sploshed with Butterscotch Angel Delight in Stream 2 running 6 mins 37 secs.
It is Catwoman’s turn to be dominant.
But Batman gives the game away when he says ‘Not below the utility belt!’
Stream 3
Then it is Batman’s turn to take control.
All this Stream running 8 mins 53 secs is devoted to Batman applying cream to Catwoman.
‘Pussycats love cream’ says Catwoman, ‘pour it all over me!’ – see sample pic.
Batman really wants to get her sploshed up, so the cream flows! – see CLIP 3
‘Mess me totally up!’ says Catwoman.
At 6 mins 18 secs the top of her catsuit is taken down, then shortly later her bum uncovered.
Stream 4
This Stream running 8 mins 41 secs is devoted to custard flans.
Catwoman’s catsuit is off for some more intimate sploshing with much tit for tat play.
Does Catwoman get a full facial? Oh yes!
There is some interesting play with her pussy boots – see CLIP 4
Her boobs are released and there are some great custard flan shots with the flans refilled with custard.
‘Cats love to be stroked all over! Says Catwoman.
But Batman has other ideas of not so gentle play as he rubs her face into the custard flan case!
Batman continues to cover her with custard – see sample pic.
But Stream 4 ends with Catwoman custard sploshing Batman, then licking it off!
Stream 5
Catwoman gets more custard followed by cake.
Batman tries his best to cover her in custard including filling her thigh length pussy boots.
Catwoman sploshes him back with the custard and he enjoys it...especially when she rubs it into him!
With 5 mins remaining, the cakes are introduced – see Clip 5 plus sample pic.
Catwoman slides out of her little knickers for a messy finale which includes an ultimate big cake pulled up between her legs sploshing her pussy and bum!
This is great messy fun from a couple totally into WAM.
See if you like the opening special the purring later on?
Sadly there was no following XXX action.
After 3 hours on set getting wet and totally messy, the action had exhausted them!
But when I tell you it took one hour to capture 10 lines of dialogue, it got off to a rather slow start!
The director’s nightmare...the giggles! (yes, we do have fun!)

But there is more, for I say again what is a movie without the images!
So we have 316 Enhanced Full Screen images.
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So, not a joker in sight, but we hope you appreciate this full length movie plus full length images set.
We show you 6 sample pics from image set S410.

MOVIE WSM215 – CC87 of CC in ‘Batman meets Catwoman’ has 5 HD Streams running 47 mins 31 secs.

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Image Set S410

No of Images 316  

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