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Mrs. CC in Wet Tight Jeans

Run-time 22 mins 22 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Mrs. CC is at a small river clad in tight pale blue jeans, white top and bra, pink knickers and blue heels.
She tells us at the outset what will happen – she will get ‘Nice and wet and horny!’
During the movie Mrs. CC chats to us telling us how she feels as the action progresses.
She starts splashing herself with attention to her jeans, especially her bum.
She shows off her bra.
Then she tells us her plan – see CLIP 1.
Starting by kneeling in the river it is not long before she sits down in the water so her jeans become well soaked.
The wetness excites her and she feels her clit through her jeans.
Undoing the jeans, she reveals her sheer knickers.
She rolls about in the river relishing the wetness of her clothes.
This wetness has excited her.
Her boobs are out and she rubs her clit with her jeans lowered on her thighs.
‘It makes you want to piss! She exclaims.
The pissy chat lasts one minute and does include 20 seconds of peeing.
As there is no couple play, I deem this low level and inoffensive so have retained it in the movie.
Then it is on to clit play, with her hand inside her knickers.
‘It’s so much fun to be naughty’, Mrs. CC tells us later.
Her yearning becomes more frantic and she sinks to her knees in the river for vigorous wet clitty play, with her tits proudly displayed.
The clit play produces a wet orgasm.

Stream 2 is more formalized Wetlook play.
Refastening her tight jeans, Mrs. CC goes to deeper water for a swim around.
This is standard Wetlook with Mrs. CC enjoying her wet fun.
If you like a mature lady getting fully wet…….then this is for you!
And we get close-up and personal as she gets totally wet, hair and all.
With her jeans so wet and boobs set free, this gave us a classic wet shot which we used to represent 2015 year (see HISTORY pics, top of Home Page, for some
great free image viewing). Mrs. CC comes alive in the wet being ‘Absolutely soaked!’
She exposes her sheer panties again ‘So silky now that they are so wet!’
‘Someone’s been a very naughty girl and been very wet’ she says.
Lying on her back in the river, she tells us how she feels – see CLIP 2.
Yep, quite an experience for us voyeurs!

There are 102 image shots set W369 of Mrs. CC in her wet tight jeans.
These are a superb record and do include the 2015 ‘History’ shot (see details above)
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We show you 5 sample pics from image set W369.

MOVIE CC85 of Mrs. CC in her ‘Wet Tight Jeans’ has 2 HD Streams running 22 mins 22 secs.

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Image Set W369

No of Images 102  

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