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Mrs. CC Household Chores part 4 - Painting

Run-time 22 mins 59 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

This is the 4th in a series with Mrs. CC performing household chores.
Firstly, we saw Mrs. CC in movie CC52 in the kitchen ‘Baking’ plus image set S361.
Next we had ‘Bathroom Cleaning’ in movie CC57 plus image set S362.
Thirdly, we saw Mrs. CC ‘Washing the Floor’ in movie CC59 plus image set W344.
You can view these 3 tasks with movies and images in the Subscription site.
In this new movie CC61, Mrs. CC is dressed in a filmy sleeveless top and black bra, tight white shorts plus sheer tights and white knickers.
Her paint is in a roller tray plus a small roller and additional plastic bottles of children’s paints.
Mrs. CC tries out various colours on the wall.
Then she tries them on her skin (her arm).
Soon she is picking up the paint with her fingers, then misbehaving by putting hand prints on her bum and mid-riff.
She experiments with red paint on her lips, then kissing the wall.
She goes back to painting the wall, but soon reverts to painting herself.
She sits on the floor and does her legs.
Soon there is paint on her tight white shorts – see CLIP 1.
Paint goes down the back of her top and a small amount on her hair.
Mr. CC enters. ‘I think we need to make much more of a mess of you Mrs. C’ he says.
So he dribbles paint over the front of her top.
She turns round and kneels for him to do her back and bum.
As Mr. CC continues Mrs CC asks ‘Who are we painting, the wall or me?’
I am sure we all know the answer as Mr. CC prefers to paint his wife so she becomes multi-coloured.
She is well covered and exclaims ‘It’s like having a bath in paint!’

Stream 2 commences with Mr. CC continuing to drip paint.
Mrs. CC undoes the front of her shorts as he aims for the new target.
Rolling up her top, Mr. CC adds paint in her cleavage.
Lying on her side on the floor Mrs. CC tells us that she is ‘A slimy, painty mess!’
Lying on her tummy she squirms in the paint mess.
Then, kneeling with her bum, to the camera, Mr. CC dribbles more paint directly on her bum.
After Mr. CC commences the final bottle of purple paint, she removes her shorts and lowers her tights.
Mr. CC enjoys applying the purple paint to her knickers.
She lifts the top, applying the paint over her body and caressing herself with ‘the lovely squidgy paint!’
Then her top is off, followed shortly by her bra.
We get a good close-up as she rubs paint on her boobs.
Mrs. CC continues to slide about on the floor getting herself messier.
She empties yellow paint, then red paint over her boobs – see CLIP 2.
Soon her knickers are off.
She lies on her back with her legs raised, spreading the paint over her body and crotch.
‘I think I have turned into one giant paintbrush’ she says.
Mr. CC returns as his naughty wife splays her legs for him.
He gets the roller then puts white paint over her boobs, stomach and thighs!
As she kneels up, he pours the rest of the paint tray (white paint) down her back.
He rubs the white paint into her back and all over her body.
We conclude with a fantastic bum shot as Mr. CC paints her bum crack!
And does the action end there?
Well for us, it must.
But there is a 6 minute XXX scene.
This will appear shortly under ‘Sex Quickies’ movie XXX050, which will contain several short XXX scenes. This short scene will have a CC61 reference.

And the most vivid memory of this shoot? It is the colours and in the HD movie they are terrific!
What amazes is that with such a small number of children’s play paints, there is so much fun to be had and such a colourful outcome!

MOVIE CC61 of Mrs. CC in her ‘Household Chores part 4 – Painting’ has 2 HD Streams running 22 mins 59 secs.
In addition there are 73 image shots in set S364 as Mrs. CC gets painted.
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We show you 5 sample pics from image set S364.

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Image Set S364

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