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Axajay unmasks Mr.Nasty

Run-time 44 mins 28 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

4 Sample Clips in HD
4 Streams in HD

In January 2016 we saw the initial meeting between top splosh model Axajay (Axa) and Mr. Nasty.
Movie WSM174 which ran 37 mins featured erotic slapstick couple play using yogurts ending with Mr. Nasty making an astounding offer.
So Mr. Nasty’s offer has resulted in Axa meeting Mr. Nasty for a further date.
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted.

Stream 1 – runs 10 mins 47 secs
Axajay (Axa) has dressed up really nice for this date.
She shows off her outfit.
Mr. Nasty says ‘her outfit is just missing something – a little bit of colour!’
He gets a Strawberry Frijj drink and away we go!
Mr. Nasty enjoys messing her jacket up so ‘it is lovely and shiny’.
Then he pours the Strawberry drink inside her seamed stockings, both front and back.
We all enjoy Axa’s fabulous legs!
He coats her dress back then front.
Axa finds it funny that Mr. Nasty gets splashed in his eye, so Mr. Nasty takes his revenge – see CLIP 1.
‘That was mean’ she says.
She removes her jacket to do battle with Mr. Nasty.
He splatters her with the Frijj fudgie brown drink.
Axa pours a drink over him.
He coats her back with the fudgie drink, rubbing it into her dress.
Axa fights back!
‘I am the mysterious man called Mr. Nasty,’ he says.
‘Then you are never going to get me to marry you’ replies Axa.
She empties a fudgie drink inside the front of Mr. Nasty’s trousers.
The Stream ends as Axa stooping to fill one of his socks is surprised as Mr. Nasty (true to his name), surprises her with a fudgie drink down her back and hair.

Stream 2 – runs 10 mins 00 secs
Another Frijj fudgie drink goes over Axa’s hair and shoulders.
Tit for tat develops as Axa forces him to his knees drenching him with drink.
Mr. Nasty talks sweet to her before once again surprising her with a chocolate drink drenching over her head and front.
He gets her on her knees pouring chocolate drink over her bum before lifting her skirt for more runny choc play.
With Axa kneeling with her hands against the wall, Mr. Nasty pours a choc drink inside the back of her dress causing her to gasp!
Mr. Nasty is very pleased with his work.
Axa retaliates with a choc drink inside the back of his shirt and trousers (it is tit for tat!)
After a brief truce, they re-appear with large bottles of tomato ketchup.
‘Before I propose to you’ Mr. Nasty says, ‘I need to find out if you are really worth it!’
So the tomato ketchup is unleashed - see Clip 2.
Axa pulls at his head mask and much to their surprise he is unmasked!
Axa recognizes who he is – Gary Gunge.
She gives him a tomato sauce shampoo.
Next, they do battle with squirty cream cans rubbing handfuls on each other.
But in her trademark move, Axa nuzzles his face into her boobs, leaving Mr. Nasty, or should we say Gary Gunge, quite bewildered.
‘Do you think I am good enough to be Mrs. Nasty’, she asks?
He gets a second boob smothering!
Axa now has the advantage as he no longer wears his mask.
He gives her a cream shampoo, then carefully fondles with cream her breast, before she pulls him into a further boob smothering!
The Stream ends with him proposing that Axa becomes Mrs. Nasty.
She readily accepts!

Stream 3 – runs 10 mins 10 secs
Gary removes Axa’s heels and gives her a foot massage.
He thinks she looks splendid now she is completely food covered.
Axa says she likes custard as Gary pours two cartons over her.
She invites him to rub the custard in.
Again, Gary falls for it as she pours custard over his head and down his back.
Axa throws custard at him with great accuracy as Gary gets a custard facial.
But old habits die hard as Mr. Nasty takes a carton of custard and lambasts his future bride! - see CLIP 3
As Gary sits, Axa empties the custard down the front of his trousers, then Gary is lashed with custard.
This has been full on tit for tat!
Axa sits affectionately on his knee.
He tickles her boobs before Axa hugs his face into her tits.
But each time Gary tries some tit play, he gets smothered by her boobs!
Gary says it is about time they took it to the next level.
With them both standing, he removes her dress, showing very clean knickers and suspender belt.
He squeezes her dress over her head, then slicks the gunge over her body.
Axa takes his shirt off and squeezes a little gunge over his head and partly clean body.
As so little gunge had flowed, she takes a carton of custard to cover his top, smearing it over him.

Stream 4 – runs 13 mins 31 secs
Gary thinks Axa is too clean.
Starting at the top of her back, he spreads the custard over her, enjoying caressing her back, bum and stockings.
Axa does enjoy the smearing, so Gary treats her front similarly, paying attention to her boobs, knickers and thighs.
‘You look a bit too clean’ Axa says as she rubs custard over him then removes his trousers.
She kneels on the floor to daub his legs. Being a gunge expert herself, Axa fills his socks with custard before putting them back on him.
‘I think I have found the love of my life!’ Says Gary. ‘Someone who likes mess as much as me!’
‘How would you like to fill my knickers up?’ asks Axa, handing a carton of custard to Gary.
We get a great view of what turns out to be a rather cold experience! (folks – always warm your products!)……..after the front, then the back of the knickers are filled.
Axa stands up and Gary removes her knickers, suspenders and stockings leaving her nude.
Gary sets to work gunging her clean legs with custard.
Axa is enjoying it ‘Especially when you rub me!’
Gary gets further custard gunged over his back.
Axa forces him down and lies on his back!
She squirms over the top of his body before squatting on him to rub him with custard.
This is slippery fun compounded when Axa tit smothers Gary yet again!
With Axa sitting, Gary pours custard over her head, then down the front of her body.
He massages in the custard, then kneeling applies custard to her back - see CLIP 4
We end with Axa nude and Gary in his shorts, but both well custard covered!

In addition there are 179 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of the Slapstick play between Axajay and Mr. Nasty.
A movie always needs Images and these are just terrific!
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S419.

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If you wish to see the write-up of the extra XXX, then go to movie Axajay unmasks Mr. Nasty’ XXX048 in the Online Store XXX Section. Do note that movie XXX048 includes both the normal and XXX Streams.
As such it runs 57 mins.

MOVIE WSM217 has 4 HD Streams running 44 mins 28 secs.

IMAGE SET S419 has 179 shots

Image Set S419

No of Images 179  

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