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Honour May 1st messy shoot Chocolate Swirl

Run-time 23 mins 56 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Streams plus 3 Sample Clips – offered in both MP4 and WMV formats

A new model arrives for her first wet then messy shoot with WSM.
We always ask our models to tell us how it feels.
Well Honour May not only wanted to get on with being messy, but was bursting to tell us exactly how it was for her!
And we do not just mean when she starts…… she chats throughout the movie.
There should be something here for everyone who likes a messy girl!

Firstly, Honour May chats about which foodstuff she wanted.
She shows off her outfit, including her undies.
She commences by pouring the warmed liquid chocolate over her arms and dress.
Soon her dress is well coated as she slaps on the chocolate.
She really enjoys pouring it down inside both her stockings.
Then some over her head followed by inside her dress cleavage, before she slaps the chocolate on a bum cheek - (see CLIP 1).
More chocolate goes over her hair.

Stream 2 commences with full-on chocolate over her head and hair.
All the time Honour May chats to us.
She shakes a jar of choc down her back and bum.
She pulls back her dress to expose her stomach and knickers.
Honour pours choc inside her knickers to give herself a chocolate pussy.
She feels her boobs and caresses her body with the chocolate, as she is now very well coated - (see CLIP 2).

Next, she sits on the floor so she can lie down and cover her back.
She has a good roll about with some great leg and bum shots as she squirms in the choc for real chocolate play!
‘I think I am definitely nice and chocolaty now’ she says.
She stands and removes her ‘wrecked’ dress.
Although very chocolaty, she says ‘I think I’m far too clean!’
So she pours a full jar of choc down her boobs and front, spreading it over her body.

Stream 3 commences as she continues to spread the chocolate while kneeling.
She slaps chocolate on her back before pouring the jar down her back.
Honour splats herself down on her stomach then rolls on her back telling us it is ‘So Squelchy!’
More choc goes over her boobs then her thong covered pussy.
She daubs her face.
‘I am well and truly chocolate’ she says.
But she wants more choc inside her knickers - (see CLIP 3).

‘So gooey’ she says as the choc oozes out the side of her panties.
But soon her knickers are off.
After some foot play her shoes are off and her feet coated in choc.
And all the time…….she chats to us!
Next, Honour pours choc over her bare pussy and rubs it in!
‘Nothing better than chocolate on your pussy!
I can feel it trickling all the way down my clit!’ she says.
She continues her chocolate play.
‘So much chocolate! I am well and truly covered from head to toe!’
Next, she pours chocolate down her back and it runs into her bum crack, as she points her bum at the camera.
And the last jar…….goes over her head and into her eyes!
‘Ok, now I am covered’ she states.
Giggling, Honour says ‘I think that is what you would call a successful chocolate shoot!’
I am sure you would all agree with that!
A great performance from a WAM novice definitely leaves us wanting more!

MOVIE WSM223 of Honour May getting messy with Chocolate Swirl has 3 Streams running 23 mins 56 secs.

And it gets even better!
There are 200 images of Honour May’s chocolate shoot captured in set S420.
These are Enhanced (full screen) good quality images and come as part of the package.
See if the chocolaty Honour May appeals as we show you 5 sample shots.

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Image Set S420

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