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CC in slapstick fun in a meadow

Run-time 33 mins 12 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

This is a movie about knicker filling and custard pies.
But who inspired Custard Couple (CC) to make this movie?
Laurel and Hardy!
What is the connection I hear you ask?
If you watch this movie you will understand.
This is very messy slapstick play and there is little nudity, but it is classic couple play.
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted.
But just a note to say that the 15 min XXX Stream 4 is full of XXX content and is one of the finest sex play scenes CC have done.

Stream 1 – runs 10 mins 32 secs
Custard Couple (CC) relax in the meadow.
They take a nap.
Mr. CC has a dream about Laurel and Hardy.
But Laurel and Hardy used proper custard.
Mr. CC wishes he could explore getting the custard over them.
But Mrs. CC is ahead of her husband saying ‘If we go over there, then it is WSM meadow.
She has prepared a spread in WSM meadow.
Furthermore, she wishes to wear her full sized knickers – see CLIP 1, so that they may be filled with custard!

Mr CC commences on the back of the knickers pouring a full carton in before pulling them tight.
‘I love my pants filling (with custard) says Mrs. CC.
Then the custard goes in the front of the knickers.
‘Fill them up totally!’ she requests.
The custard oozes out of her knickers and down her legs and stockings.
This is clothed custard couple play.
This is clothed custard chatty couple play.

Stream 2 – runs 9 mins 41 secs
Mrs. CC sets about pouring custard down Mr. CC’s underpants both front and back.
Then they fill each others undies.
They entwine in messy custard play.
‘We do love our custard’ says Mrs. CC.
Mrs. CC spanks him!
Mr. CC gets custard down the back of his shirt while Mrs. CC rubs herself all over him!
Then Mr. CC pours custard down the back of her dress and also inside the back of her dress.
He slicks the custard over her.
Mrs. CC reminds Mr. CC of the flans
They fill their flans wanting to mimic Laurel and Hardy pies.
Mr. CC asks his wife which one said ‘That’s another fine mess you got me into’.
She fails to correctly answer the question.
So it is Mr. CC’s turn to throw the pies.
He is a good thrower and Mrs. CC gets splattered! - see Clip 2.

Mr. CC asks to see her knickers.
She hoists her dress as he aims at her knickers, both front and back.
Mr. CC continues to splatter Mrs. CC.

Stream 3 – runs 12 mins 59 secs
Mrs. CC wants to enjoy herself so she starts to pie Mr. CC.
Her aim improves and Mr. CC gets splattered.
Then a double salvo of flans are aimed at Mr. CC.
She continues to pepper Mr. CC with the custard pies.
Eventually, it is too much for Mr. CC - see CLIP 3

Mr. CC takes his revenge as Mrs. CC gets a faceful.
He rips her dress open so he can pie her cleavage and pour custard over her boobs.
He further pies her cleavage before smothering her head with another custard pie.
He rips her dress off from the rear.
Then more custard pies pepper Mrs. CC.
Mr. CC is now on the receiving end.
She rips his shirt away!
She gives him a double whammy (with two flans pressed together) in the face, then ending with a pie on his head!
They continue to spray each other with custard.
Mrs. CC removes her full knickers so she is left in crotchless knickers.
He flans her boobs.
‘This is the way to have custard flans’ she says.
Mr. CC caresses her naughty knickers with flans then does her legs.
Mr. CC drips butterscotch syrup over his wife as the action begins to become sticky and hot!
Mrs. CC kneels up to provoke Mr. CC who covers her back in custard.
We finish as strawberry syrup is squirted over her back.

In addition there are 173 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of the Slapstick play between CC.
Most of my images were lost, so most of this set comes from a different photographer and a different camera.
But are the pics good?
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S376.

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

Click to see full size preview Click to see full size preview

If you wish to see the write-up of the extra XXX, and I have already told you that this is some of CC’s best work, then go to movie ‘slapstick sex in meadow’ XXX049 in the Online Store XXX Section.

Do note that movie XXX049 includes both the normal and XXX Streams.
As such it runs 48 mins.

MOVIE WSM189/CC70 has 3 HD Streams running 33 mins 12 secs.

IMAGE SET S376 has 173 shots (see above).

Image Set S376

No of Images 173  

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