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Kimyl in Chocolate Play

Run-time 31 mins 00 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

Run-time 31 mins 00 secs

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

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Stream 1 – runs 11 mins 36 secs
This is a tale of 3 bowls of very liquid Chocolate.
Each bowl is covered by a Stream.
Why is Stream 3 so short? Read on.
Young Yorkshire girl Kimyl opens by describing the products and her all white outfit.
This is very watery chocolate play.
She starts on her sleeves, then her leggings.
Kimyl comments as she progresses with a slow chocolate daubing of her clothes to remove all white patches.
Then it is foot/shoe play in the chocolate bowl – see CLIP 1

She uses her shoe to pour the wet chocolate over her leggings to leave them wet, shiny and messy.
Then her shoes are removed.

Stream 2 – runs 12 mins 10 secs
Squatting on the floor Kimyl smears the chocolate over her top.
She then lies on her back on the floor to get the back of her top messy, then she squirms and rolls around.
Next, her top is off. She mops the floor with it then squeezes it over her bodice to mess it up.
She works on the bodice top, squirms on the wet chocolaty floor and laughs – see CLIP 2

Then Kimyl does her arms, shoulders and back.
This is a young girl at chocolate play, scooping the chocolate into her top and down over her boobs.
She kneels up and takes the leggings off leaving just her skimpy bodice top and shorts.
Chocolate goes over her legs, then back and front of her shorts.
The Stream ends with splashy floor play.

Stream 3 – runs 7 mins 14 secs
Stream 3 opens as Kimyl removes her bodice which she squeezes over her legs.
She scoops handfuls of chocolate over her boobs and arms.
Her shorts are removed as she lies on the floor.
Now nude, Kimyl sloshes the chocolate about, especially over her pussy (some intimate close-up shots)
Kneeling up, with a good bum shot, she scoops chocolate down her back and it runs unto her bum.
We find out why the 3rd Stream is so short, as she pours some chocolate from the bowl over her head and back.
Next, she pours chocolate from the bowl over her hair and face with girlish laughter – see CLIP 3

She plays in the choc on the floor swiveling round on her back, then writhing on her stomach.
Kimyl is now covered in chocolate as we end with another pussy close-up shot.

In addition there are 112 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Kimyl’s chocolate play.
Sadly, all the originally shot images had been lost in a computer melt-down!
The images are video grabs……..which have no comparison with 35mm shots.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S360.

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MOVIE WSM182 has 3 HD Streams running 31 mins 00 secs.

IMAGE SET S360 has 112 shots (see above).

Image Set S360

No of Images 112  

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