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Mai is introduced to Slapstick by the Phantom

Run-time 30 mins 21 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

WSM do often feature couple play!
Here we put an unlikely pair together, but with the Slapstick connection, they become very good friends!
But anyone foolish enough to make a date with our Phantom, should know what to expect!
But this messiness will quite take your breath away!

Stream 1 – runs 9 mins 41 secs
Thai lady Mai struggles with her English but catches on fast as to what Slapstick is about!
‘What is this food for’ she asks the Phantom?
Using a paint brush Mai paints the Phantom’s face!
Then it is the Phantom’s turn.
He lifts Mai’s skirt to show her bum with white panties and suspenders, then he paints her bum cheeks with chocolate before slapping a creamy cake over her bum.
Mai counters with a large bowl of chocolate sauce which she pours over the Phantom’s head (plus rubbing it in), then over his shirt.
Mai has caught on quick!
The Phantom selects some pink dessert whip, which he empties down inside her top, rubbing the balance into her top (and bra free boobs).
Mai giggles away as picking up a large tub of ice cream, she knows the Phantom is going to get it!
And so he does, as she empties the ice cream inside his shirt, front and back!
The Phantom takes a small trifle and lifting her top rubs a large handful into her boobs.
Mai next selects a large chocolate gateau. She has learnt extremely quickly as she feints to rub the cake over different parts of the Phantom, before he gets it full in the face!
The Phantom responds that Mai’s face is ‘Far too clean!’
So taking a large bowl of choc sauce, he rubs handfuls of choc into her face, then dribbles it over her hair. But Mai sneakily takes handfuls from the bowl to daub on the Phantom.
He realizes that she is getting the better of him, so he pours the bowl of chocolate over Mai’s head and long hair.
The Phantom selects custard next. This goes over her head and face. Did you ever see two such messy people in Clip 1 of a movie? – see CLIP 1.

Mai retaliates by pouring custard over the Phantom’s head and shirt.
The Phantom inspects her mess.
Mai lifts her skirt to show pristine white panties.
‘We can do something about those’, says the Phantom.
Taking another bowl of choc sauce, he uses the paint brush to chocolate coat her panties and thighs.
Pulling her panties down a little, the Phantom applies choc sauce inside her panties, then pulls them up.
He continues to chocolate paint her legs and bum.
Even her shoes get the choc paint.
By now Mai looks totally messy……but we are only at the end of Stream 1.

Stream 2 – runs 9 mins 06 secs
We open with our very messy couple.
Mai tears the Phantom’s shirt off.
She attempts to undo his tie, but decides to cut it!
The Phantom rips her top away.
Seizing the opportunity, he rubs cake over her freed boobs.
Then he spreads choc sauce over her clean body.
He pours a pot of dessert over her.
There are some great close-up shots as we are fully involved in the action.
Mai takes two dessert pots and sploshes the Phantom.
He takes his revenge with a large tub of ice cream splattering Mai.
Taking two custard and cream flans each, they splosh each other, with Mai coming off worse.
The Phantom finds another flan while Mai tips a trifle over his head.
As she reaches, he has an easy target and his flan goes over her boobs.
A trifle grabbed by the Phantom is slapped on Mai’s head!
Not to be out-done, she pulls open his trousers before depositing a large bowl of rice pudding into his underpants.
The Phantom fills her panties with rice pudding – see CLIP 2.

The Phantom’s trousers are off as Mai empties custard down him, then he empties a carton of custard over her.

Stream 3 – runs 11 mins 34 secs
The action continues with Mai holding a large bowl of chocolate sauce, then painting the Phantom fully with the choc (even putting the brush inside his underpants).
He cuts her panties in retaliation for her clipping his tie.
The Phantom rubs marshmallow fluff into her pussy.
She does similar to him.
Now this is a very sexy and adventurous lady!
They become more frantic as the Phantom pours syrup over Mai’s head, while she slops a trifle over his.
Then they mutually exchange jugs of rice pudding.
Next, is the squirty cream battle, but there is an art in squirting those canisters!
Mai pours syrup over the Phantom’s head in a calmer moment.
The Phantom then takes his turn, covering her face with the syrup.
Mai surprises the Phantom shaking a bag of flour over him! ‘It is snowing’, she says.
He does likewise to her.
They stand before the Phantom pushes Mai to sit on a gooey cake. He adds custard over her.
The 2nd gooey cake is slapped with gusto into Mai’s pussy! – see CLIP 3

The Phantom continues to slop her with goo from the floor.
As he licks her boobs, Mai puts topping syrup over him.
Mai is pulled to the floor.
She takes a large chocolate gateau to deliver into the Phantom’s face. She continues to rub the cake into him. We end with a messy fight in the mess as the pair continue to enjoy their messy fun.
Do you sense some more naughty slapstick games to come?
Has Mai found her messy lover?
You could just be right!
Keep watching for further Mai messy fun adventures!

In addition there are 186 pics of Mai and the Phantom’s messiest fun.
Check out the 5 sample shots from image set S421 to see how messy they got!
And all shot in colourful 35mm Enhanced shots (full screen).
A fabulous record of some fabulous Slapstick fun!

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MOVIE WSM225 has 3 HD Streams running 30 mins 21 secs.

IMAGE SET S421 has 186 shots (see above).

Image Set S421

No of Images 186  

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