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Messy Role Play

Run-time 14 mins 11 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

Have you tried it?
All couples enjoy this.
We refer to taking part in Messy Role Play.
So this movie is about a couple…..known as Custard Couple (CC).
But this time they play the parts of Mark and Kate.
And what is the movie all about?
In a word ‘trashing' they both set out to trash each other.
We review the normal movie here, but things move on with no less than 22 minutes of dedicated XXX action.
If you like Slapstick and mess, then this is a provocative story.
So sit back and enjoy CC’s messy adventure.
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted (see movie XXX054 for XXX addition).

Stream 1 – runs 7 mins 39 secs
Mark and Kate are on their 2nd date. (What happened on their first date? Well WSM rejected it as not enough messy action!)
‘I want to be trashed’ says Kate as her lover Mark splats the foam pies on her boobs.
But this is reciprocal, so Mark has to take two pies as well.
Mark’s next two pies go over her bum, back and legs.
They enjoy caressing each other with the mess.
Yogurts are next as Mark pours the 1st over Kate’s boobs and shoulder, and of course it runs down her dress.
Kate throws a tub of yogurt over Mark’s shirt.
Then it is Kate’s turn to receive – see CLIP 1

They caress and fondle each other further.
Kate decides that Mark should sit on the floor in the mess.
She brings custard and Angel Delight to mess Mark up.
The custard goes over his head, shirt and trousers.
Kate sits on him and spreads the Angel Delight over him.
Mark takes the opportunity to slop up Kate.
He messes her face and hair with the Angel Delight and he enjoys fondling her.

Stream 2 – runs 6 mins 32 secs
Kate lies full length on the floor on her stomach while Mark enjoys caressing her and sliding her about.
She wants custard, so Mark pours it over her while she lies on the floor on her side.
He pours it down her leg before pushing her down on her back.
He lifts her skirt and dribbles custard over her panties. He kisses her and feels her panties.
Mark decides she needs chocolate in her panties.
Returning with a small pail of warm chocolate, Mark rubs choc over her stockings and panties before dribbling it down her stomach into her panties– see Clip 2.

The chocolate runs off her tits and down into her panties.
Kate kneels up as Mark covers her little white knickers in chocolate, pulling those knickers tight on her bum – see image set S413 sample shot 4.
Neither Mark or Kate have undressed yet!
From here the action becomes hot and steamy.
The action now continues in movie XXX054.

MOVIE CC123 has 2 HD Streams running 14 mins 11 secs.

IMAGE SET S413 has 58 shots
We show you 4 sample images from this set.

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Image Set S413

No of Images 58  

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