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Axajay and Gary Gunge - the Wedding Feast

Run-time 50 mins 02 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

5 Sample Clips in HD
5 Streams in HD

A tough ask!
Pick a wedding date and turn up regardless of a breezy cool day!
With a single cameraman on movie and 35mm (keep those overheads low!)
But a wonderful large food spread (even if it is spread over a hillside!)
The sparks have flown between Axajay (Axa) and Gary Gunge (Gary), see earlier published movies:
WSM174 – Download Axa meets Mr. Nasty
WSM217 – Download Axa unmasks Mr. Nasty

Some great timing, sploshing and ad-libbed remarks in this new movie.
This pair must have studied Laurel and Hardy!
If you like Slapstick and mess in the great outdoors, then sit back and enjoy a fabulous 50 minutes of action!
This is the normal movie and the XXX content is omitted (see movie XXX055 for Stream 6 Blowjob XXX addition).

Stream 1 – runs 10 mins 03 secs
We commence with Axa in her wedding dress and Gary in a suit and tie.
Their friends have put a spread on for them!
There is no marquee!
They could not even pick a day that was bright and sunny!
Just a spread of food on the hillside! See sample pic 1.
It could have been a 6 tiered wedding cake, but we do have 6 separate cakes.
Gary gets Frijj drinks to ‘toast’ each other – see CLIP 1

Of course Gary spills the drink over Axa’s dress…….so she retaliates.
And so the messiness begins.
Axa says she married Gary because she does find it fun to get messy!
The love is an afterthought!
But they do love playing messy tricks on each other!
Axa yells away as Gary says ‘he loves it!’
He pours custard over Axa’s wedding dress to put the colour back!
This is cultured sploshing as the repartee flows between them.
But as a marriage of equals, Axa demands her turn to splosh Gary.
She spreads custard over his suit and loosens his tie.
What are you going to treat me with next, Axa asks?

Stream 2 – runs 10 mins 10 secs
She soon finds out as Gary pours custard over her head before the custard goes inside her dress causing her to shriek!
Axa takes her revenge with cold chocolate milk over his head and inside his shirt.
‘I must be mad!’ says Gary.
‘What! To marry me? asks Axa.
‘Why did I marry a woman who has a really sadistic nature?’ asks Gary.
I think we find the answer as Gary pours the cold chocolate milk over Axa’s head!
Next, we go to ‘starters’ as Gary pours tomato soup over Axa who takes shelter under the veil of her dress. Then he throws tomato soup at her.
Axa taunts him! ‘See how good your aim is!
We find the answer in Clip 2– see Clip 2.

See also sample pic 2.
Axa reveals her heels and stockings and Gary cannot resist the whiteness as he coats her legs in tomato soup. Then it is Gary’s turn for the soup.
He receives a large pie on the back of his suit jacket then a smaller pie in his face.
Then Gary delivers a small pie to Axa’s face.
This provokes her to pour another cold chocolate milk over his head.
Then Gary takes delight in pouring a chocolate milk down her back and knickers!

Stream 3 – runs 9 mins 29 secs
Axa wants further pies.
A ketchup pie is splattered on her covered boob and she is liberally sprayed with tomato ketchup.
Then Axa sprays Gary with the ketchup.
We see all the remaining foodstuffs!
Axa gives Gary syruped tongue kisses.
Raspberry and chocolate pies go on her boobs over her dress.
Gary splashes her front with more chocolate milk.
Gary pours custard down the top of her dress, before revealing her boobs– see Clip 3.

He takes the opportunity to lick her boobs.
Gary’s jacket comes off and Axa coats his shirt in custard.
She stands up and steps out of her wedding dress.
The wind roars its approval!
Gary sets about her legs with more custard, then puts custard inside her knickers – see sample pic 3.
He removes her heels and smears custard on her bum.
Axa applies custard to Gary and puts some down the back of his pants.

Stream 4 – runs 9 mins 30 secs
The action continues in the wind as Gary applies a chocolate cake to Axa’s boob before licking it.
Axa returns the favour but surprises Gary – see Clip 4.

Gary decorates a small chocolate/raspberry cake with custard.
‘Give it to me baby!’ says Axa.
So Gary does, rubbing it firmly into her face, then her boobs.
Then Axa splatters Gary with yogurt then custard.
Gary shows he is a great shot with the yogurts before pouring tomato soup over Axa’s head – see sample pic 4.
She removes the jacket so Gary takes aim at a ‘nice clean back’, covering her with tomato soup, followed by yogurt.
He pulls her knickers open and puts yogurt over her bum.
Axa taunts Gary to put what he wants in her ‘big fill knickers!’
Tomato soup goes down the back of her knickers as Axa exhorts ‘Fill em up!’
She removes Gary’s shirt before splattering his clean back with yogurt and custard.
His chest gets tomato soup then yogurt.
A carton of custard goes over Gary.
He removes his shoes and trousers.
Axa applies topping syrup to his legs.
Gary applies the topping syrup to her boobs, before Axa does her customary boob smother in Gary’s face.

Stream 5 – runs 10 mins 50 secs
Gary brings a large cake as Axa removes her knickers and sits on the cake (twice).
He brings a large chocolate cake. Axa brilliantly sidetracks him before rubbing it firmly in Gary’s face.
He applies the rest of the cake to her bum, then her legs and back.
Axa takes a large cake with cherries and tamely passes it to Gary. We see the outcome– see Clip 5.

Gary pours two tins of tomato soup over her boobs.
Axa is only clad in stockings and suspenders.
Gary deluges her with yogurt over her head and boobs.
Then he sploshes her with two tins of custard.
They enjoy pushing pies over each other.
‘Can I have a big cake? Asks Axa.
It goes straight into her bum.
Gary has to remove her garter with his teeth while Axa showers him with custard.
We end with the classic stand-off with each holding a large cake ready to splat the other!
No fudging here as we get two bullseye shots right in the face! – see sample pic 5.
They end up cold and very well splattered!
The action now continues in movie XXX055.

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