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Jade has muddy fun in the black, silty, peaty, oily mud stream

Run-time 43 mins 45 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

4 Sample Clips in HD
4 Streams in HD

Stream 1 – runs 10 mins 35 secs
For once conditions are perfect with a warm sunny day.
So the cameras are in tune with the action with great movie quality and excellent images.
Jade just has to chat……..but often with silly sayings.
So follow the action, not the chat!
Jade commences saying ‘I’m sticky!’
Indeed she is because there was a XXX introduction when Jade gives her husband Steven a prolonged blowjob! Go to the Online Store, XXX section to see 3 separate scenes in one
movie titled ‘Asian Jade and Steven in Oily, Wet Sex Fun, then an outdoor BJ.’ This is movie XXX044. You can see how Jade commences, showing off her outfit and pert bum in CLIP 1.

Jade jumps into the muddy stream several times.
She makes some odd food references as her English is tested.
She struggles to move in the thick mud.
After 6 mins she sits down (or is that falls down).
She daubs some mud on her arms.
At 9-19 Jade makes a spectacular fall back and sits down.
The Stream ends as she sits and enjoys the silty mud.

Stream 2 – runs 11 mins 40 secs
Commences with some great muddy leg shots as Jade sits in the muddy stream.
She spreads the mud on her boobs.
She kneels up and crawls around before lifting her dress so we can view her blackened suspender belt, knickers and stockings.
Jade continues with more mud daubing over her shoulders and dress frontage, as she kneels in the stream.
She crawls about and spreads mud over her face.
Jade stands up to show off her rather shoes – see CLIP 2.

Then she lies back relaxing in the mud.
Jade takes her 1st dive, losing a shoe in the process!
3 further dives follow in quick succession.
Again, she hoists up her dress so we see her blackened undies (as the camera gets in close).
This is followed by a 5th dive.
Finally, at her 6th dive, Jade dives under the watery mud coming up spluttering and telling each of us that ‘She did it all for you!’
The Stream ends as she spreads some more mud over her dress, before lying down in the stream again.

Stream 3 – runs 9 mins 53 secs
Commences with yet another dive into the wet and muddy stream.
Jade stands and plods about so we can admire her wet blackness!
Then another dive followed quickly by a further dive under.
Jade is proud of herself as she impresses us with her willingness to take on this demanding messy task!
She rubs mud on her dress before taking another diving plunge with her face under!
These are fantastic shots of a very spirited lady.
At 2-24 Jade takes on her 5th dive! This is another fully under shot and she surfaces with a muddy face part covered by her hair. She plays with her hair!
Next, a backward fall before she does it again into ‘better mud’.
Finally, a classic backward splat– see Clip 3.

The action cfontinues as she describes her next dive as ‘A belly flop!’
At 5-06 another dive under, but the mud is very shallow, so it is a further ‘Belly flop!’
Now it is time to remove the dress after 28 minutes of clothed action.
So we see her blackened bra.
Yet a further facial dive follows.
Jade is determined to dive correctly i.e. without a belly flop.
So here we go again with a further facial dive at 7-30.
Fantastic brave stuff!
Then another backward fall.
Jade puts mud over her body and fills out her bra!
What a dirty woman she is!
And how does Stream 3 end? With a ‘perfect’ dive from Jade.
Wow! Yes, she was right as she looks a muddy delight.
With 10 forward dives and 4 backward falls this is quite a remarkable 3rd Stream!

Stream 4 – runs 11 mins 37 secs
So does the mud diving end now?
Oh no!
Stream 4 commences as Jade removes her bra.
She spreads more mud on herself, then takes a short rest on the bank.
She teases us before her next dive in which she takes another muddy facial.
Once again she plays with her hair.
Her 2nd muddy facial dive is quite impressive, but judge for yourselves – see Clip 4.

She removes her knickers at 3-25.
Then a 3rd dive into the deep mud.
This is quickly followed by dive 4 as Jade begins to tire with all her exertion.
She crawls onto the green grassy bank, but continues to play and daub herself with the mud, including a muddy facial.
She lies back on the bank with some explicit poses.
Then she takes a tumble into the muddy stream at 7-06.
A more languid 5th dive follows.
She washes herself down and plays with her stockings.
Jade removes her suspender belt and stockings so she is nude at 8-43.
She re-enters the stream to clean up. This has raunchy shots as she rinses her hair and body.
Jade enjoys the warm sun.
She is asked how she found the experience?
Jade replies ‘Overall I enjoyed it! I hope you like it too!’
Wow! What an understatement for a phenomenal performance!
How can we improve on that?
We cannot!
So that remains Jade’s 2nd and final mud shoot in the black, silty, peaty, oily mud stream!
(To see her 1st shoot see movie WSM162 plus image sets M202 and M203 only available in our Subscription site.)

MOVIE WSM175 has 4 HD Streams running 43 mins 45 secs.

IMAGE SET M208 has 353 shots.
Preparing image sets takes much time and care.
We had indicated that we would publish image sets M208 and M209.
Sadly, time ran out and only M208 appears.
This takes us to the point where Jade removes her dress.
So are you being done out of the balance (currently 400 shots in M209)?
Not at all.
You see that the beauty of our Download site is that you can continually re-enter to see your purchases again.
So when we do add image set M209, there will be no further purchase charge.
See if you like image set M208 as we show you 5 sample shots.

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We have added a further 164 shots in image set M209a.
We show you 3 sample shots below from set M209a.

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