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Mrs. CC’s Wet Adventure

Run-time 21 mins 50 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Time for a change… we have Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) writing about her Adventure!

Now something a little different in a wet movie, featuring Instant Wet scenes and pantyhose, in a homage to The Adventures of Jane, which was a 1949 British comedy film based on the comic strip ‘Jane’ originally created by Norman Pett. They featured her daily misadventures that helped to comfort and raise spirits during the horrors of World War Two. CC’s Wet Adventure follows the same type of comic strip fun but with a concentration on Wetlook and sexy fun.

Her Wet Adventure starts with the hapless CC outside work trying out a borrowed bicycle because her car failed to start. A close friend has offered CC an old bike to help get her home.

Dressed in a black pencil skirt, polka dot blouse and wearing pantyhose, she sets out for a 4 mile cycle ride taking short cuts down pathways beside the river.
Making a steep descent CC cycles down the hill only to find the brakes are not working!
Shouting and screaming she ends up cycling straight into the river – see CLIP 1

The bike and CC are in the river and her outfit is totally soaked! We get close ups of CC’s wet attire as she goes in and out of the water retrieving the bike, then trying to find a lost shoe.

Mrs. CC continues her journey home along the river bank which leads to the estuary.
Trying to be clever and take a short cut means her wet brakes fail again and she ends up flopping into the muddy water drenching her outfit yet again! – see CLIP 2
CRISTI – Clip 2 from movie CC90 here
There are lovely close-ups again of her soaking blouse and skirt, which are smeared with mud.
This is an enchanting picture with the wet Mrs. CC against the backdrop of the mountains!
We are yet again treated to Mrs. CC out in the open public countryside in her wet clothes.
Although there is no nudity, the wetclothed scene is very erotic with constant banter.

At last heading home again, CC makes the final crossing by the river, but at that point the bicycle finally stops working as the rear wheel is jammed.
Alone on the riverbank, utterly soaked to the skin, a kind stranger offers to help.
They walk off together taking the damaged bike to his nearby house to see if he can fix it for her.

Back at his place, the two of them clean up the bike, but this soon starts a tit for tat water fight and sexual tension starts to mount between this sexy couple.
They enjoy the sight of each others wet clothes and the drenchings becomes more daring as buckets are used! – see CLIP 3.

The sexual mood heightens as they enjoy pleasuring each other under an outside warming hose.
Tensions become too great. Mrs. CC rips her pantyhose open and soon they are having wetclothed sex
with Mrs. CC on all fours, as she wriggles and writhes with pleasure and delight as the water rains down! – (see below for how to purchase the XXX movie version).

As a final show of gratitude, Mrs. CC does a sexy strip down under the torrent of water, removing all her clothes and underwear giving her helpful stranger a sexy show.
The movie ends with Mrs. CC posing naked on the bike as the stranger enjoys his ringside seat!
After her clothes have been washed and dried, Mrs CC leaves on the washed and repaired bike.
However, we can be assured that this wet loving couple will be meeting up for more secret wet fun in the coming months!!!

MOVIE CC90 has 3 HD Streams running 21 mins 50 secs.

IMAGE SET W373 has 144 shots
We show you 6 sample images from this set.

Two images from Mrs. CC’s very wet river mishap.
Two images from her wet estuary bike ride.
Plus two images of her wet fun with her new wet loving friend.

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Image Set W373

No of Images 144  

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