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Mrs. CC in Vintage underwear in the Sea

Run-time 28 mins 38 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD

3 Streams in HD

We start with Mrs CC on a local public beach dressed in a tight fitting yellow dress and a white cardigan and shoes.

Mrs CC recounts how she couldn`t wait to finish work that day and enjoy some sexy cooling off in the sea in her clothes!

She tells us all about her wearing some expensive SIL (Secrets In Lace)underwear and how it turns her on getting them wet.

It is a fairly cold and overcast day with a howling offshore wind but nothing will stop this wet clothed loving girl.

Mrs CC is such a tease as she pulls up her dress and shows us all her lingerie with a matching vintage suspender set and matching pale blue panties. You can tell in her voice how exited she is to show us. She enters the sea shore wading fully clothed through the surf as her stockings and pretty white shoes are instantly soaked.

Mrs CC then ventures deeper into the waves, then lifting her dress she bends over and waits for each wave to soak her panties! We are treated to some delicious soaked fabric as each wave of water cascades over the material.

She taunts us as she looks directly into the camera as she gets wetter, eventually kneeling down to finally soak her outfit.

Mrs CC chats to us all on the naughty and sexy feeling of her wet clothes against her body as she swims in the shallow surf for all of us to enjoy.

After a couple of minutes Mrs CC then removes her cardigan and we are treated to some lovely glimpses of her underwear showing through her dress as she frolics in the water.

She eventually makes her way to the shallows to let water slowly wash over her as she pulls her dress up and down enjoying the freedom this gives.

Mrs CC can`t resist touching herself and rubbing her wet clit through her satin panties as she enjoys some well needed relief on the public beach!!!

After that very naughty episode she removes her dress and we are treated to a woman who knows how to enjoy herself after a hard day at work!

Mrs CC rolls about in the surf even getting half drowned by a large wave which totally engulfs her as she laughs and carries on.

We are treated to more wet look and general larking in the waves till she removes her vintage bra and lets her heaving tits enjoy the cold water in the open seas.

The sun eventually makes an appearance so Mrs CC enjoys the sun as it beats down onto her wet body as she teases us some more.

The scene ends with Mrs CC washing herself down on the beach with some fresh water in just her panties and suspender belt….so although there is no full nudity in this movie we are given an insight into a genuine wet loving woman who takes this opportunity to wet her clothes on a public beach…. for our and her pleasure!!

In addition there are 161 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. CC’s fun in the stormy sea!

The images are not as sparkling as the HD movie, but give a very good idea of content.

You may think that producing such images is easy!

If only!

Shooting on a sea shore gives problems of a moving horizon, light and shade, fast movement and effects of the waves.

We show you 5 sample images of the action in set W374.

Image Set W374

No of Images 161  

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