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Custard Couple - Shrink 1

Run-time 25 mins 19 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

Instead of Mike Ellison, here is a write-up of this movie written by Custard Couple (CC).

Here we have a different set of what will be 2 movies starring Mr and Mrs Custard Couple featuring 60`s music 60`s outfits and couple action. This first movie features messy couple action which then leads to a further movie called Shrink 2 which will feature muddy fun outside.
Yes, its Zany! Yes it’s unbelievable!
But this couple know how to entertain us all with their messy fantasies!!!
The Plot:
Have you ever found yourself drifting off in meetings imagining you were doing something else much more enjoyable instead?
Mrs CC has invested in a Shrink to help her with her addiction to day-dreams of getting messy in a sixties outfit whilst listening to her favourite music of that era .
Scene 1
The scene starts with Mrs CC dressed in 60`s influenced white zip trousers, a sheer blouse and shiny red platform shoes. She waits for her Shrink to arrive as she is anxious to remedy her affliction.
On his arrival Mrs CC discusses the last couple of weeks with her Shrink, and she describes her symptoms again. As her Shrink drones on and goes through the options available, Mrs. CC starts to fantasize again and can`t help drifting off into her messy dreamland.
Scene 2
We are transported into Mrs CC`s messy fantasy in which she is dressed in a traditional 60`s micro mini dress, hat and silver long boots.
The crazy 60`s music is playing and there are bowlfuls of food on the floor.
She treats us all to a dance straight out of the Austin Powers movies……. The music continues as Mrs CC gets stuck into a bowlful of chocolate angel delight, smearing it over her outfit and boots.
This is followed by a carton of double cream over her hat and dress, quickly followed by a carton of Ambrosia custard.
We are treated to close up action as the custard flows over her multi-coloured dress and down through into her bra.
Engulfed in her fantasy day-dream Mrs CC turns round to pour it down the back of her dress!
Then follows by a large container of thick gravy, which is poured again over the back of the dress.
Mrs CC sinks onto the floor and we get a sneaky peek of her purple knickers and stockings as she opens her legs.
The remains of gravy are poured over her front and Mrs CC really starts to enjoy herself.
A large bowl of spaghetti is to hand which she dumps over herself and writhes on the floor in the mess. Custard is then applied to her hair and hat, making her outfit unrecognizable, just as Mrs CC likes it!!
Her Day-Dream continues…..
Mrs CC enjoys teasing us as she lifts her dress and fills her knickers from the mess on the floor.
She removes her hat and we get a fantastic close up of a spaghetti shower over her pretty face.
Custard and more cream is applied as she reveals her messy bra.
She then slips her hand into her knickers to enjoy some messy self pleasure!!
It doesn’t take long before the waves of her orgasm wash over her.
Flushed by her messy cum Mrs CC stands back up and shows off her messy dress.
But she is not done yet!
This fantasy takes on another twist as her Shrink enters the scene!
Her Day-Dream continues….
Scene 3 Go to write-up of XXX movie XXX064 to read what happened next!
This is the XXX scene as Mrs. CC fantasizes about messy sex action with her Shrink.
Scene 4
But what`s this! Her helpful shrink has disappeared as fast as he appeared !!
Mrs CC finishes her fantasy giving us another chance to see her slimy body as she dances to another sixties hit Pretty Woman .
Scene 5
Mrs CC is awoken from her day-dreaming fantasy back to reality by her helpful Shrink.
Slightly embarrassed she tells him about her latest adventure into fantasyland and her encounter with her mysterious person in her dream, but not revealing who it was!
Her Shrink then continues with his diagnosis before the afternoon session ends. He suggests that to solve this condition it might be best to try and introduce Mrs CC into an extreme Messy solution!
The Shrink suggests – a mud pit!
He reckons this is an extreme sploshing experience that would not be pleasant, so maybe that would put her off any further episodes!!
They both agree to head off immediately to try this unconventional remedy...!!!

Will you enjoy this movie? Why not? It has it all - great music, great mess, great sexy couple action!!! Watch Out for Shrink 2 coming later this year……… To Be Continued

MOVIE CC106 has 2 HD Streams running 25 mins 19 secs

IMAGE SET S418 has 98 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
We show you 5 sample images from this set.

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To see Write-Up or to Purchase movie XXX064 (being the XXX addition to movie CC106) go to ‘XXX Section’ in the Online Store to ‘Shrink 1’ which combines both the normal movie plus the XXX together and runs 35 minutes, plus 42 further XXX images.

Image Set S418

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