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Girl Girl Messy Fun Play

Run-time 53 mins 55 sec

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

5 Sample Clips in HD
5 Streams in HD

Now for some feisty girl girl messy fun as Mrs. CC has no trouble in persuading Honour May into a very messy session with her favourite foodstuff, custard!
With non-stop chatter and very messy play, this is enjoyable gentle paced Slapstick building to a steamy climax!
Stream 1
Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) was due to go to lunch with Honour May plus their partners.
But Mr. CC phones to say that he is going to watch a football match at the home of Honour’s partner.
Mrs. CC finds a copy of Vintage Film 7 ‘The Wheel of Misfortune’ in her desk – seeCLIP 1.

That provokes a discussion about the messy girls on the cover and Honour says she always wanted to try something like that (see 7 Streams of Vintage Film 7 on sale in the Online Store under ‘Digital Downloads – Vintage Films,’ with Clip and write-up for each Stream).
Mrs. CC’s house is free, so they decide to go there and make their own fun.
Mrs . CC prepares the custard, but it is Honour who starts things off (supposedly accidental).
By the end of Stream 1, both girls are well on the way to being messed up!
Stream 2
Honour continues to splosh up Mrs. CC with the custard.
Then it is Honour’s turn as her office suit gets the custard treatment.
Honour is really getting into it and we all know that Mrs. CC loves her custard – see CLIP 2.

Soon Honour’s suit is custard covered.
Then it is Mrs. CC’s turn to get her suit covered in custard.
This is followed by their blouses being custard smeared.
They get on the floor to mess up their stockings and shoes.
Honour’s jacket is taken off and she pulls her boobs out of her blouse.
Mrs. CC covers Honour’s boobs with custard then licks her custardy nipples.
Then Mrs. CC removes her jacket.
Honour smears her blouse in custard exposing her black bra.
Honour rips Mrs. CC’s blouse apart in her desire to get her boobs out for a licking.
Stream 3
The girls continue their boob play.
With a carton of custard each, kneeling they pour over each other, concentrating on the boobs.
The custard is liberally smeared over each other which looks good on each partly clothed girl.
Mrs. CC’s tits are released from her bra and Honour covers them in custard then fondles them – see CLIP 3.

Both girls are naked above the waist.
Honour gets custard over her bare back and Mrs. CC massages it in.
After further boob play they remove their shoes, fill one with custard then squish them back on.
Both girls are now clad in skirts and stockings.
We soon discover what type of panties and suspender belts they wear.
Mrs. CC gets custard down her back and bum then directly into the back of her lacy knickers.
Mrs. CC returns the favour with custard down Honour’s back & bum and Mrs. CC rubs the custard in.
Stream 4
Commences as Mrs. CC pours a carton of custard down the front of Honour, covering her boobs and panties. Then Mrs. CC fills Honour’s panties with the custard.
Next, Mrs. CC gets the custard inside her knickers.
Both girls’ clits have tingled!
‘I didn’t realize you were like this, sexy and horny’ says Mrs. CC.
Both girls clinch together rubbing their custard coated bodies, before exchanging an exploratory kiss.
Their bodily contact becomes bolder and more passionate.
Mrs. CC covers Honour’s hair in custard.
They sit on the ground squishing and rolling in the custard with continual body contact.
Next, they pay attention to their hairs.
Honour makes Mrs. CC kneel to take custard over the head which she massages into her scalp.
Then it is Honour’s turn to take the custard over her head – see CLIP 4.

Honour wants more than just her hair massaged as she loves Mrs. CC’s custard coated hands on her skin!
Stream 5
Now things become far more intimate.
Mrs. CC gets custard down inside her stockings and she starts to play with herself.
She removes Honour’s suspender belt before applying custard inside her stockings.
Both girls are fingering themselves in excitement.
Their panties are removed starting with Mrs. CC – see CLIP 5.

Now the real intimate fun begins, with probing fingers and hands.
Mrs. CC intimately sucks and bites Honour’s nipples before briefly licking her pussy.
Honour returns the favour licking Mrs. CC’s boobs and pussy.
Bodies intertwined, the sexy slippery fun continues.
Honour licks and frigs Mrs. CC to an orgasm which leaves Mrs. CC all shaky!
Honour needs satisfying. Sitting back spreading her legs, Mrs. CC lubricates her with custard before giving Honour’s pussy a good licking to send her to an ecstatic orgasm.
Both girls cosy up in the afterglow.
Wow! This 2 girl messy fun was something very special!
We hope they will continue their messy adventures in a further shoot.

In addition IMAGE SET S340 has a remarkable 318 shots.
As these are all ENHANCED (full screen) you get a wonderful record of this sexy shoot.
This is what sets WSM apart from the rest!
Fantastic image shots in plenty!
And a special bonus as the girls use up the remaining cartons in the best possible manner, over themselves in some great full custard coverage which is not in the movie.
See if you agree.
We show you 6 sample shots from image set S440.

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Image Set S440

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