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The Custard Belle of the Ball

Run-time 25 mins 18 sec

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

So girls do and some girls don’t!
No, not what you are thinking!
Some girls like to chat about what they do and what they are thinking when sploshed!
Others just like to get on with it and say little.
Now Nicky is a total chatterbox girl!
Stream 1
Do you like her one piece loose fitting outfit with net sleeves?
Nicky does, for after 7 mins 12 secs she says ‘This outfit was totally made for custard!’
Starting with custard over her sleeves, she then pours the custard down her cleavage – seeCLIP 1.

We get an extremely rare comment ‘Oh! It’s so warm!’
By now you realize that Nicky is a good actress with a fine loud voice!
The custard comes out at the bottom of her trousers as we get good leg shots and clinging outfit shots.
‘So messy!’ says Nicky as she continues to mess-up the outfit.
She is an expressive lady with plenty of laughs, whoops, yells and giggles!
By the end of Stream 1 she is well on the way to becoming the custard belle of the ball!
Stream 2
It is time to get her back messy.
Nicky kneels on the floor and pours custard down her back,
She rubs the custard into her back and bum.
Then she sits on the floor.
She squeezes the custard out of her legs, arms, chest then back and bum.
So with her outfit all custard covered, Nicky says she ‘Cannot go to the Ball just like this.
I forgot something!’
What she forgot was to ‘Make her hair so pretty!’(with custard of course!)
So her hair takes on a new colour.
‘So nice’, she says……and I bet we all agree!
‘Guess what happens if I see a man who wants to dance with me, but I really don’t want to dance?
This is what I do!’ – see CLIP 2.

And so she covers her face in custard!
She ends Stream 2 still fully clothed!
Stream 3
Commences as Nicky removes her outfit.
‘I look fab, don’t I?’ she says.
I am sure we all agree with her custard slicked ample breasts, trim body and long, long legs!
After pouring custard over her front, back and bum, at 2 mins 40 secs she says ‘It’s sploshing everywhere!’ This shows how Bill Shipton’s word has entered the English language.
Lying back on the floor she makes a little angel – see CLIP 3.

She kneels up with more custard going down her front before she continues her custard play.
‘So, so sloshy’ she says!
Then she removes her knickers.
There are now 2 cartons of custard left.
The first goes over her boobs and down her body.
Nicky ends using the final carton of custard.
‘How does a custard girl say goodnight?
Let me show you!’
And she does!
If only every girl was like Nicky!
Oh! Did you spot her pierced tongue??? (try Clip 2!)

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Image Set S442

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