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Mrs. CC in Mud Slut 9 – Muddy Schoolgirl

Run-time 12 mins 35 sec

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

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Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) enters a field dressed in white blouse, very brief sports skirt, black bra and knickers, tan tights, black heels. Her blonde hair is in bunches and she carries her hockey stick!
But she has given the game away by wearing her black heels!
We all know that Mrs. CC as the Mud Slut is seeking another mudding!
She has to retrieve the hockey ball and her feet sink into some deep mud.
Soon she is kneeling in it!
Then she plunges and lies full length (with a great bum shot!)
She gets rid of the ball.
Does that end the movie?
Oh no!
She sits in a muddy puddle to take a rest!
She discusses why it is always her who is sent into the mud (but I guess we all know why!)
‘But it is quite nice to mess about in mud’, she says.
We get some great muddy leg shots of her.
She shows us her bum telling us ‘Her knickers have got very muddy!’
Of course she messes them up further!
There are some fine squelchy sounds as she flounders about.
Then she lies back to start some serious mudding rubbing the mud over her stomach and blouse.
She begins to caress her pussy through her muddy clothes.
Sitting up she swishes her arse into a muddy puddle, rubbing her pussy once more, then slapping her arse!
She wants to cum, so she attacks her muddied clit vigorously through her clothes until she orgasms!
Kneeling up, she muddies up the front of her blouse before tearing her blouse open and revealing her bra – seeCLIP.

But she loves being so naughty and being very muddy!
She starts to crawl out of the mud puddle, but loses her shoe!
She struggles upright, a very muddy mess.
‘Do you like me all muddy’, she asks?
She removes her boobs from her bra then muddies those boobies up further.
She lies full length on her tummy to muddy her boobs further.
We get some fine full length shots of her muddied state.
In reality, she nearly got caught by the farmer, so we next see her stood on a bridge over a brook.
Her outfit is totally muddied and her blouse open.
She tells us the teacher would not be happy with the way she is dressed and certainly not with her being this muddy!
She heads off for a shower and we see her head out of the field of her muddy play.
Then we have a bonus as we see her nude getting a wash-off as she washes herself down with water.

In addition IMAGE SET M223 has 68 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Follow the action in our image set as Mrs. CC goes from an impressive well turned-out hockey girl to a very muddy and naughty girl.
There are some remarkable pics with maybe the best as she leaves the field!
The set ends with 3 bonus shots as she washes off in the nude.
Ladies hockey just will never be the same again!
We show you 5 sample from image set M223.

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Image Set M223

No of Images 68  

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