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Mrs. Custard Couple (CC) becomes a messy and naughty Fairy

Run-time 21 mins 31

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

Stream 1 runs 8 mins 50 secs
Mrs. CC is the good fairy who has decided to be naughty for a day and become a Messy Fairy.
Armed with her wishing wand, this is oh so easy!
Firstly, she gets messy with her Fairy Dust.
She throws the fairy dust about……(but the packaging tells us it is ASDA Plain Flour).
And soon the large packet is emptied!
She struggles to decide her 2nd wish as we all shout Custard! Custard!
So it is no surprise that Mrs. CC wishes for custard! (how did we all know?)
She starts pouring the custard over her boobs and dress.
Even her fairy wings get a splatter.
Lying on the ground she applies the custard to her legs, rubbing it in.
Then we see her white see thru knickers (which get the custard treatment too) – seeCLIP1.
The custard is all rubbed in.
She kneels up and the custard goes over the back of her dress and bum.
She lifts her skirt so we see her brief white knickers which she daubs with the custard.
‘But this naughty Fairy wants more’ she tells us!

Stream 2 runs 12 mins 41 secs
Wish number 3 brings tins of tomato soup.
These are splashed over her outfit making a vivid colour contrast.
Her spell must have gone wrong as she has a tin of baked beans instead of tomato soup.
The beans go down the front of her dress.
Lifting her dress, a tin of tomato soup make her knickers ‘extra messy’.
Our Fairy is looking rather messy now.
Next, she wishes for Chicken Soup (now that is different!).
The Chicken Soup goes down the front of her dress, over her neck, down her left leg (a chicken leg?), then over her bum (but it looks like the wand has failed again, as this looks like rice pudding!)
A further chicken soup goes down her right side and leg.
Then lifting her skirt, her stomach gets chicken soup sploshed.
She lifts her dress higher, so we can see her large boobs, as she squeezes her dress and massages the foods into her body.
Soon her hand slips into her knickers and the temperature starts to rise for this naughty Fairy.
She sloppily and noisily plays with her hand inside her brief knickers, before lowering her dress.
It is time for another wish.
This time it is Banana Angel Delight!
Our naughty fairy rubs it into her dress and covers her hair!
This is the type of messy fairy we all like!
Next, something different again…….as she wishes her dress to disappear!
Stripped down , the temptation is too much and soon our very naughty fairy is frigging herself in slurpy play to a satisfying orgasm!
‘There is nothing like a woodland Fairy fuck!’ she tells us!
Recovering her wand she wishes for some Chocolate Angel Delight.
She pours it down her body with great delight – seeCLIP2, both front and back, messing up her fairy wings!
Then she wishes herself clean!
And there we are, back in the cornfield with our clean Fairy in her dress plus her wand.
Away she skips as we all smile and recall her messy and naughty fairy play!

This was a great idea made all the better with an outdoor shoot.
But surely this movie begs the question…….only that naughty?
The Sex scene was relatively brief, only running 3mins-05 secs, but even more imaginative!
You will see this in due course in our compilation of ‘Sex Quickies.’
But more immediately, we also had a Pissy Clip (which runs 2 mins 15 secs).
Actually, we now have 9 Pissy Clips gathered together and will feature these in their own Pissy Quickies movie in June.

IMAGE SET S429 has 80 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Although these are video grabs, the quality is quite good.
An enjoyable and colourful image set of a messy fairy’s adventures.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S429.

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Image Set S429

No of Images 80  

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