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Dee is the Wet Jogger

Run-time 23 mins 32 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

On 24th February this year I wrote: ‘Now some of you may wonder why WSM shoot so many movies of mature lady Dee?
We do have a great historical record of this mature lady and it is interesting to see her fitness and weight over what is now 10 years’.
As Dee was available to shoot at reasonably short notice, she obviously picked up more shoots than the average model.
So another contribution to that record as we see Dee aged 43 years.
She demonstrates her fitness extremely well in this all action double shoot in two differing outfits!
This shoot was shot using two cameras.
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 20 secs
Commences with Dee describing her outfit.
‘Bring on the rain, I love it! She exclaims and so the rain starts to fall!
Dee is soon wet – see CLIP 1.
She goes through a good work-out and is never still.
But how long can a studio jog last?
Soon she is on the floor doing press-ups!
She mimics Eliza (in My Fair Lady) saying ‘The rain in the studio falls mainly warm!’ (Which is why we have shot in the studio!)
But this certainly is an all action work-out.
In quite a nimble feat, she gets into a mini bath!
Then she goes under a single shower to shower off before stripping off.
The first 3 sample pics below show Dee in this first jogging session, with her dry, jogging in the rain, then in the mini bath.

Stream 2 runs 14 mins 12 secs
Dee wears her second jogging outfit which she tells us is always eye-catching, as she wears no bra or knickers!
This is another energetic work-out.
She says ‘I’m not surprised that the cars behind me honk their horns and the ones in front flash their lights!’ with Dee ‘running in the rain getting nice and wet!’
She continues with this vigorous work-out until just on 6 minutes when she gets in that small mini bath again – see CLIP 2.
After a good wetting in the mini bath, she goes under the single shower head to shower off again.
Then it is trainers off then her top, as we get a good close-up of her boobs.
She removes her jogging pants (remember she wears no knickers), and continues to shower nude.
She sits on the floor and you get to see what those horny motorists could not!
She ends with some rather revealing shots of pussy and bum!!!
You will need to take a cold shower!!
The final 3 sample pics below show Dee in this 2nd jogging session, with her dry, in the mini bath, then nude under the shower.

IMAGE SET W342 has 70 Enhanced (full screen) shots.
Sadly, we only have 8 original 35mm shots as the remainder were lost in a computer malfunction.
But some great shots make us only yearn for more originals.
But at least movie WSM176 does the mature Dee full justice!
The image set is mainly comprised of video grabs.
We show you 6 sample shots from image set W342 which are all 35mm.

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Image Set W342

No of Images 70  

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