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Dee is the Painted Lady

Run-time 34 mins 13 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Stream 1runs 11mins 46 secs
Dee introduces herself and tells us what will happen.
She talks us through her outfit.
The paint starts to fly, commencing with Blue.
Dee rubs this into herself and her clothes.
She gets a bottle of Green to pour over herself.
She imagines what she will soon look like ‘Covered from head to toe in Paint!’
Then she tries a Yellow paint.
This provides a vivid contrast – see CLIP 1.

The back of her dress is still clean, but her front looks rather messy!
Dee rolls back on the covered air bed to stroke the paint over her body and clothes.
She frolics about like a young girl, then daubs away, spreading the paint.
Next, it is Black paint.
Her hair gets a good seeing to.
Then she concentrates on her back, followed by her face.
‘Squidgy, splodgy paint’ she says as she slaps her bum!
We end Stream 1 after just 4 plastic bottles of Paint with Dee looking a very painted lady!
Stream 2 runs 10 mins 16 secs
If you thought Stream 1 was messy, just wait until you have viewed Stream 2!
White paint is introduced and applied all over.
The mattress crackles away as Dee rolls about in quite an energetic performance for a mature lady.
The colour contrast soon disappears after being well rubbed into Dee’s clothes and body.
Then the Green paint starts to fly as Dee gyrates to taunt the paint spraying phantom.
Dee sprays herself with the green paint as she enjoys writhing in the paint mess.
She simulates swimming in it before taking a paint dive – see CLIP 2.

Next, we return to the Yellow paint as she sprays then daubs herself further.
Wow! This is hugely messy now, but Dee seems keen to see if she can become messier!
She continues to squirm around the mattress cover, then strokes her head to rub the paint into her hair!
She most certainly is a fully painted lady now!
Stream 3runs 12 mins 11 secs
Dee continues squirting Yellow paint over herself and telling us: ‘I’m so glad I chose this paint shoot. I just love getting messy!’ I am sure this is music to all our ears!
The yellow paint is applied all over, down her cleavage and down her knickers.
‘Listen to that splodgy sound,’ she says as she rubs the paint into herself.
She then lies head before camera, or should that be yellow painted head before the camera!
Her dress clings to her like it was painted on! And it is!!
The Blue paint is re-introduced and swished over herself.
Taking down the dress shoulder straps, Dee reveals then paints her boobs blue – see CLIP 3.

We then look forward to a further 9 minutes of topless action.
Then her dress is removed.
Dee seems frustrated that the paint bottles are empty, so she rolls about enjoying the mess.
But another White paint is introduced as Dee kneels up to apply it.
She removes her knickers so leaving us a further 7 mins of nude action.
That white paint gets everywhere as the energetic Dee gives an erotic painted lady performance!
She kneels to pour some Red paint over herself.
If you like messy ladies, this is a real treat!
Finally, Dee asks what colour she should finish with?
It is Blue……..and Dee tells you why!
This is fantastic value with 34 mins of paint action!
Shot 5 months before I disposed of my studio, this is a classic!

And there is more!
IMAGE SET S383 has 80 enhanced shots.
Sadly, most of the original 35mm shots were lost.
But not all!
5 shots remain and look just fab!
But these are supported by some great full screen video grabs.
We show you 5 sample shots from image set S383.

S383_Ad00001 S383_Ad00002 S383_Ad00003 S383_Ad00004 S383_Ad00005

Image Set S383

No of Images 80  

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