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Dee experiences the silty, peaty, oily mud

In May 2013 the 1st shoot was taken in a rather watery stream which later gave some wonderful muddy shoots in silty, peaty, oily mud.
Using a Canon IXUS 125 it stated it was recording, but there was no video output.
We did capture an image set and this set shows the results.
It features mature lady Dee, a true WSM girl.
Where we shot was too accessible so latterly we moved further away to discover thick black mud!

A recent survey on asked if people would purchase images sets only.
About half the respondents replied they would.
So we will put this to the test as all we have are the images from this shoot.
Most people looked for 50-70 images in a set with one stating that if there are more, it took too long to scroll down the images! Amazing! So why buy them?
WSM have long believed in Images.
Sadly our customers do not.
So how many ‘new’ retro image sets have you seen on WSM these last 3 months?
No interest equals no time wasted by me.
So, a final chance before I stand down thousands of original WSM slides in the face of apathy.

What can be said about image set M201?
There are 193 shots in the image set.
It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words!
So we show you 5 pics and save much writing time.
But for a change, the best images are retained in the set.
The shoot moves from clothed in resplendent white to eventual nude.
We show you 5 sample images from set M201.

M201_Ad00002 M201_Ad00003 M201_Ad00004 M201_Ad00005

Image Set

No of Images 193  

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