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Mrs. CC in Waterfall pool in tight jeans

Run-time 22 mins 09 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD 2 Streams in HD

Stream 1 – runs 10 mins 39 secs
Mrs CC commences dry in the waterfall pool.
She speaks to us about the location but the noise of the waterfall makes hearing all her speech difficult.
She splashes herself down and slowly wades into the pool.
Then she squats in the water before kneeling.
After more splashing she sits in the shallows to wet her jeans further – see CLIP 1.

She undoes her jeans so she can splash her knickers.
Mrs CC then lies in the pool getting her blouse fully wet.
She undoes her blouse and wets her bra.
She sits down in the pool then squats to splash herself more.
Mrs CC pulls her boobs from her bra before covering them with her wet blouse.
She wades deeper into the pool then briefly swims about before rising to impress us with her wet tits!
She frolic about in the pool with boobs on display and lies full length facing the camera.

Stream 2 – runs 11 mins 30 secs
Mrs CC splashes her bra and jeans then sits on a large rocky crop alongside a second more gently flowing waterfall that murmurs along.
She releases her boobs once again from her bra and splashes them – see CLIP 2.

She lies back on the rock to display her boobs and tight wet jeans.
Mrs. CC puts her boobs back into her bra and splashes herself further.
She kneels up on the rock to splash the arse of her jeans.
Mrs. CC kneels back into the water for more splashy play.
Lying on her side, she unfastens her tight jeans.
She wets her knickers again and lies back.
Standing upright, she continues to splash herself.
Mrs. CC starts to lower her jeans before wetting her blouse to squeeze it over herself.
Clad in her bra and knickers Mrs. CC looks good.
Pulling her jeans up she goes across the pool to sit in the shallows before removing her shoes.
Then she skins the tight jeans off.
Clad just in bra and panties, Mrs. CC splashes herself then stands in the shallows.
She unfastens her bra and again frees her boobs.
Clad in her bra and panties she sits on a fallen tree trunk.
She removes her knickers to tease us with her shaven pubes.

In addition there are 88 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Mrs. CC’s Waterfall pool play.
The images bring to life her sensual wet play.
Although not 35mm, the fully sized images look great.
See if you think so as we show you 5 sample shots from image set W335.

MOVIE CC47 has 2 HD Streams running 22 mins 09 secs.

IMAGE SET W335 has 88 shots

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Image Set W335

No of Images 88  

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