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Nicky Phillips gets Wet

Run-time 13 mins 00 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 Sample Clips in HD
2 Streams in HD

Stream 1 runs 7 mins 16 secs
This is Nicky Phillips’s 1st Wet shoot for WSM.
Nicky is a long legged, tall model.
She is full of spontaneous chat and girly responses to getting wet under the rainbar.
Her dress starts to stick to her before changing to a darker colour.
Within 3 minutes she is ‘Absolutely drenched!’
This is great Wet fun to Nicky.
She tells us that she thinks she is a girl who looks good in both wet and dry clothes – see CLIP 1.

She sits on the plinth to give some good Wet stocking shots plus up-skirt glimpses!
Then she lies on the floor for a further soaking.
‘I’m completely wet’, she says.
She parades about and is never still.
If you like an utterly drenched clothed girl…..then this is for you.

Stream 2 runs 5 mins 44 secs
Stream 2 opens as Nicky removes her dress.
We see her trim figure and pert breasts.
She opens the front of her thong to get it wet – see CLIP 2.

This girl pouts good fun – watch her expressions to see what I mean.
Again, she lies on the floor only this time without her dress. Some great figure shots.
With 80 seconds remaining she removes her thong.
She ends telling us she enjoyed the shoot.
Well there is only so much action you can take from an indoor studio wet shoot.
Nicky’s enthusiasm and lively character show through so this is not just another wet movie!

For Nicky’s image set W405 it was a perfect storm!
My camera had been malfunctioning due to a rogue battery.
So I used the studio manager’s camera.
Then a panic call from my principal to clear down our file transfer system.
Yep, you guessed it.
The system stated the image set was captured…..but it had failed!
So it was all wiped away!
Aarrha, I hear you say, but you still had the images card in the studio manager’s camera.
Bong! No! He had erased the file within 24 hours of the shoot!
You try so hard to avoid cock-ups!
Then suddenly several arrive together!
So the end result is 150 video grabs in image set W405.
We show you 5 video grab samples……which make us all very ashamed!

MOVIE WSM244 has 2 HD Streams running 13 mins 00 secs.

IMAGE SET S405 has 150video grab shots

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Image Set W405

No of Images 150  

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