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Dee is a very muddy dancer

Run-time 27 mins 11 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

There are 3 Sample Clips and 3 Streams in HD.

Now and again you get a great rapport with the model.
The weather is good, she loves her outfit and amazingly enjoys her muddy play.
So this is relaxed happy mud play with plenty of quips from Dee.

Stream 1
Dee tells us she chose her favourite location and dance outfit for this shoot.
She slowly daubs herself to get muddy to her thighs.
Then she squats down to get her bum black, before kneeling down then sitting back.
So we see she is all black below her waist – see CLIP 1

The mud is thick, black and gloopey.
Back in the stream she stands to coat her boobs and arms.
She goes to the far bank and when returning Dee crawls on her stomach and rolls about.
Further daubing and pratt falls get her even muddier.
She has found it ‘nice and fresh and muddy!’
So she ends this Stream with her dance outfit almost fully wet and muddy except for the neck/shoulder area.
Stream 1 runs 9 mins 39 secs

Stream 2
Commences with Dee rolling in the muddy stream so her outfit is fully muddied.
She kneels up and daubs mud on her face.
She tells us she has ‘never seen it so muddy!’
Then it is time for the 1st of 6 mud dives in this Stream.
Dee dives towards the camera and her face goes right in!
She stands up with a black muddy face and exits the stream as a black woman!
A 2nd mud dive follows.
Dee flounders about as this is deep, silty mud.
Then we have the 3rd mud dive which we show you – see CLIP 2.

What a mud woman she is!
Next she does a back flop.
You would think she was muddy enough but she scoops more mud on her head and face!
Dee shows us a gorgeous black face with vivid eyes and white teeth.
She stands to exit but deliberately falls back into the black watery stream.
Dee starts to exit but falls before the bank.
Then another forward dive with her face in the watery mud, before she stumbles over to the far bank.
She takes a dive from the far bank with a fabulous facial mud shot that leaves her spitting watery mud.
You can tell that this is turning Dee on as her tits strain at her outfit.
Standing on the bank she says ‘What I do for WSM!’
She continues with her mud play.
She massages her face with mud then exits again.
From 7-08 to 7-20 we hear some delicious squelchy shoe sounds!
Dee then moves to a different part of the stream.
She jumps in and goes to the far bank.
Then another forward dive with her face in the muddy water and she exits spitting and snorting!
Stream 2 runs 8 mins 50 secs and ends as Dee shakes her muddy head and face!

Stream 3
Opens with Dee lowering her top.
She pulls the outfit down and removes it while sat in the stream.
She plays in the muddy stream then gives herself a super mud sluicing down– see CLIP 3

She lies on her back on the bank in just her knickers to give us a great dirty woman shot.
Then she rolls back in for another play!
She rubs mud over herself saying ‘nice mudbath!’.
She removes her knickers and then takes ‘a nude muddy dive’ with head and face right in the mud.
She comes up glistening with mud!
Then we have over 2 minutes of nude play with revealing bum and pussy shots.
She slicks herself down with the mud giving us fab shots of a superb mud woman.
‘Head to toe in mud – delicious’, says Dee. ‘Could not get much more muddier!’
A very relaxed Dee had enjoyed herself. She starts to rinse off.
‘I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did!’ she says to finish.
Stream 3 runs 8 mins 42 secs

Wow! That was very special.
Dee shot that aged 44. Now that is quite difficult for a mature model.
It must have been an exhausting, daunting, wet and muddy experience.
Surprisingly Dee coped with it all and dare we believe it? She enjoyed it too!

Image set M220a has 323 Enhanced (full Screen) shots of Dee in the mud.
Why is it set M220a?
Because we have only prepared the first part and set M220b will be published shortly.
You can only purchase as a Download, and when the further shots are added, you can immediately access them at no further cost.
Again, it is unusual as a number of shots have graduated light and close-ups.
Mud movies and images do not come much better than this!
If you want mucky – then these are mega mucky!
We show you 6 sample images from this set M220.

M220a_Ad00001 M220a_Ad00002 M220a_Ad00003 M220a_Ad00004 M220a_Ad00005 M220a_Ad00006

Image Set

No of Images 323  

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