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Ava - Food 12

Run-time 34 mins 03 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

3 Sample Clips in HD
3 Streams in HD

Stream 1 runs 12mins 46 secs
Ava introduces the shoot and describes her outfit.
After 1 min 11 secs the foodstuffs flow, beginning with yogurt.
And does Ava take it meekly?
Oh no! Plenty of yells, giggles, swear words and screeches!
“Bring it on! Come on!” she says……but I think she lives to regret that most welcoming comment!
The yogurt is not just poured over her.
It is thrown with great gusto by our Phantom.
At 3-07 the attack changes to chopped tomatoes followed by spaghetti then custard.
At 4-20 a custard flan is applied to her left boob.
Next up are mushy peas!
“Oh that is disgusting!” laughs Ava (she does not like mushy peas).
After the mushy peas come strawberry yogurt, then vanilla yogurt.
Boldly lifting her skirt Ava taunts the Phantom.
“Come on! Do your worst!”
Of course he does…..and lashings of custard arrive.
Ava demands more.
“Come on, cover me completely!”
“Come on, faster!”
“I’m waiting!”
Ava does not suffer fools lightly and she is determined to try and demean our Phantom.
“Come on, I’m not going to stand here all day!” she complains.
“Get that custard on me now!” she orders.
“Come on, on the arse”, she says as she offers her clean bum.
A custard flan soon changes that!
Next over her bum is vanilla yogurt.
Squirty cream is a failure, so the Phantom resorts to the colourful mess of chopped tomatoes.
Fruity yogurt follows over her bum which is followed by custard.
“Let me have a multi-coloured bum” exclaims Ava.
She turns to the front holding her dress aloft.
The Phantom splatters her stomach and thighs with more yogurt.
Ava rubs the foodstuffs into her body as further messy foodstuffs arrive.
We can identify spaghetti.
At 8-26 Ava opens the dress frontage to her boobs as the Phantom offers a custard and cream flan.
There is an inevitable splat onto her chest (“I quite liked that”, says Ava).
A 2nd custard/cream flan covers her right boob.
“And again”, says Ava!
The next custard/cream flan catches her on the side of her head.
The Phantom teases before another custard/cream flan goes into her cleavage.
Inviting him to follow this up, the Phantom deceives her and presses the next flan into her face.
This is followed by a flan on top of her head, catching Ava unaware.
Next, she receives a spraying with yogurt, then custard.
The action is remorseless!
Ava slicks her dress down as chocolate syrup falls over her.
The chocolate syrup is applied over her hair as well.
But Ava likes this and lifting her dress she tells the Phantom.
“Come on then!” as she presents her bum to him.
“Who wants to lick this off my bum?” she asks.
What an invitation that is!
As we near the end of the 1st Stream, the FRIJJ drinks are introduced!
From a distance, these are lethal! See what happens – see CLIP 1.
We end this Stream with chocolate Yazoo drink which splatters Ava’s back totally!
Phew! And that is only the 1st Stream!

Stream 2 runs10 mins 07 secs
Commences as Ava lowers her dress and her magnificent boobs are exposed.
The Phantom steams into the attack throwing yogurt.
Lowering her dress to the floor provokes the Phantom further as more yogurt is hurled over her.
This is followed by a new substance which mystifies Ava……until she finally declares – ‘Mayonnaise!’ – seeCLIP 2.
‘This is weird’, says Ava as she slicks the foodstuffs over her body.

Then follows:
Further Mayonnaise (‘This smells awful’, she says).
A chocolate orange FRIJJ drink
Chocolate syrup (over her bum)
Ambrosia custard (inside her knickers), then over her boobs and stomach.
More custard goes down the back of her knickers and her back
Golden syrup – sprayed down her back and running down her bum – plenty of splitter-splatter sounds!
Golden syrup over her boobs and running down into her knickers.
Vegetable oil is freely poured over her boobs and down her front – plenty more splish/splash here!
Vegetable oil goes down her back – splish/splosh!
Baked beans are sprayed from the can down her back.
Tomato soup follows over her back (with yells from Ava here!)
Then there is a double helping of Tomato Soup and Baked Beans that bring a shrieking end to this Stream.

Stream 3 – runs 11 mins 10 secs
Now things start to turn decidedly messy.
As Ava lowers her knickers the Phantom splatters rice pudding over her bum.
Ava removes her knickers.
More rice pudding follows.
Crouching down proves to be a mistake as yogurt is splattered over her.
Ava kneels on the very messy floor to receive more rice pudding over her back.
Further yogurt and tinned custard are thrown, then poured (over her bum).
Squatting back facing the Phantom, Ava receives:
Yet more yogurt
Tomato soup
Tinned custard
Strawberry flavoured milk (over her back and bum)
Tinned rice pudding
Strawberry flavoured yogurts
Flavoured FRIJJ drinks
Yet more rice pudding
Yet more flavoured yogurt
Lying on her back, Ava continues to taunt the Phantom.
‘Come on then, finish off! Come on, do your worst!’
And so the Phantom does!
But she continues to ridicule him as he throws pink yogurt over her – see CLIP 3.

The food fusillade is unceasing.
Ava is now very well splattered.
Next we switch to Ava about to sit on a chocolate cake!
She does and relishes squishing the messy cake over her pussy and thighs, before she squirms in it!
But Ava’s face is far too clean!
Did you really think she would get away without her pretty face messed?
Oh no!
A gateau is rubbed firmly into her face!
Then her face is splattered with yogurt and custard.
What a mess Ava now is!
Finally, more chocolate drink over her face, hair, boobs and body leave her an almost unrecognizable messy delight…….as she gladly waves us goodbye!

As if that was not enough…….there is more!
In Vintage Film 8 ‘The Ring,’ (see Online Store) Mel explained to John what WSM means!
‘Want Some More’ she says!
Ava certainly did not ask for more but knew that by provoking the Phantom she would get it good!
And so she does!
With 314 Enhanced (full screen) images of the Slapstick action involving Ava, you do get a fantastic package of both movie and images.

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