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Ava wet in dress and lace-up suede thigh boots

Run-time 20 mins 41 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 1 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Stream 1 runs 10mins 29 secs
Ava is dressed in floaty summer dress, black panties and suede lace-up boots.
“I’m going to get completely and utterly soaking wet, for you!” she tells us.
It is always difficult to get into a wet set and Ava amuses us with her squeal of surprise.
She is very chatty about the experience. We see her start to get more fully wet – see CLIP 1.

But she does understand about Wetlook.
“There is something about getting clothes and boots wet, especially when they are on!” Precisely Ava!
Ava knows how to pose and how to use the cascading water to best effect.
Towards the end of this 1st Stream she kneels, goes on all fours, reclines then lies on the floor under the hissing shower spray.

Stream 2 runs10 mins 12 secs
What a contrast with Stream 2 as not a word is spoken as Ava enjoys the wetting spray.
Ava continues her floor play under the shower still fully clothed.
Some terrific leg and bum shots off-set by those thigh length clinging, wet, shiny thigh boots.
She removes her dress and we see her magnificent boobs.
Ava enjoys the sensual shower spray.
After 3 mins she sits on the floor and caresses her body and boots

There are some rather erotic poses.
After 5 mins she removes the boots.
She removes her knickers for the final 3 mins.
Ava continues to silently enjoy the shower spray and lets the pictures do the talking!
Back on the floor Ava ends in erotic style having totally enjoyed her wet clothed shoot.

There also are 168 enhanced (full screen) images in set W410.
There are a full range of shots as experienced model Ava enjoys her first wet shoot.
I would think there was something for everyone in this fine compilation of shots.
We show 5 sample shots from this set W410.

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Image Set W410

No of Images 168  

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