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Mrs.CC as schoolgirl Maisie tries the showers

Run-time 20 mins 05 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

HD Movie plus Image set Movie WSM268 and CC165 Run-time 20 mins 05 secs 2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Schoolgirl Maisie has form!
Movie XXX012 recently reviewed showed how good she was as the very naughty schoolgirl.
If you want a tamer version, then go to either movie WSM131 or movie CC07 which have 4 Clips and are available on the Subscription site.
That was only the 2nd movie Custard Couple shot with WSM and it is a SD movie.
HD movie WSM268 and CC165 commence with Maisie visiting a potential new school.
Can she keep out of trouble?
We see her meet a teacher who has arranged an interview with the headmaster.
Fatally, the teacher allows her to wander off to check the physical education area.
The school showers have huge appeal and she just cannot help herself in turning one on.
Just after 2 minutes, Maisie is getting wet in her schoolgirl outfit.
She tries to warm herself with the hot water and becomes ever wetter.
There are great wet uniform, stockings and knicker shots.
She removes the shower head to apply water directly – see CLIP 1.

This is wet teasing with good erotic play as Maisie gets wet all over.
Some great leggy shots and the 1st garment off is her skirt.
And Maisie wears oh so tight knickers!

The 2nd Stream opens as Maisie tells us ‘I’m feeling really naughty now!’
She has brought a toy with her……a pink dildo!
Soon her knickers are down to her ankles as she enjoys dildo fun!
Maisie uses the dildo to good effect. She arouses herself with her dildo play, giving us some very uninhibited shots of a naughty lady at play, complete with the cascading shower spray.
Eventually she manages to cum.
Then she removes her tie and blouse before her boobs enjoy a dildoing.
She removes her bra and rolls around the floor and you can see how athletic she is with continual movement – see CLIP 2.

Further revealing shots show a rather out of control Maisie!
She is only brought back to reality as the teacher calls for her to attend her interview with the headmaster.
Wow! Mrs. CC may be an oldie, but she is a goldie!
Great wet, erotic fun!

There are 130 image shots set W418as Maisie tries out the showers!
These are all 35mm shots and should give an excellent account of Maisie’s very naughty play.
To see the true size always go to the ‘What’s New’ header at website.
Most Forums, because of file size restrictions, show inferior sized images.

MOVIE WSM268 and CC165 of ‘Mrs.CC as schoolgirl Maisie tries the showers,’
has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 05 secs.

We show you 5 enhanced sample pics from image set W418.

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Image Set W418

No of Images 131  

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