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Mud Slut 10 - After Dinner Muddying

Run-time 20 mins 46 secs

HD Sample Clip - not explicit

2 HD Streams plus 2 HD Sample Clips – choose WMV or MP4 formats

Being the 10th in a series titled ‘The Mud Slut’, Mrs. CC gives another quite remarkable performance.And of course all 10 of these movies are shot outdoors!
Stream 1 involves mud play.Stream 2 is muddy self play until she cums.Mr. CC joins in the muddy fun.Finally, we have a brief Stream 3 of muddy sex as the movie changes to XXX073.

Stream 1 runs 9 mins 06 secs
This starts a bit piece-meal as there is a need to explain why CC have ended up in this remote wilderness.
The reason is that they have stopped due to natural urges after a party.
There is a Pissy Stream but not here – look out for movie XXX072.
A drunk Mrs. CC encourages Mr. CC to fondle and caress her.
She goes to relieve herself but on the way back gets into a muddy mishap.
Mud shoots are all about good acting and a willingness to get stuck in.
As the mud appeals to Mrs. CC she has no problem in making the shoot very memorable.
But besides the good acting and a good location the other very necessary ingredient is knowing how to dress for a muddy shoot!
See Mrs. CC starting her mudding – see CLIP 1.

See her outfit in the 1st sample pic.
She is lying in the mud in sample pic 2
When some water is added to the mud, Mrs. CC goes straight for a facial – see pic 3
Pic 4 shows her very muddied outfit.
Stream 2 runs 11 mins 40 secs
Mrs. CC is now so muddy that ‘this luscious mud makes her feel like she wants to cum’.
She finds several ways to stimulate her clit – all very messy!
See just how muddy she is in sample pic 5.
She does manage to bring herself off.
She says that she did get rather carried away, but it was worth it!
She sets off to find Mr.CC in a very muddy condition!
Mr. CC is amazed at the state of her.
Naughty Mrs. CC invites Mr. CC to try the mud too.
He is easily sold on the idea – see CLIP 2.

He rips her jacket open and rubs mud over her dress.
Mrs. CC joins in to smother mud on Mr. CC.
They scrap together in good natured fun.
Mr. CC muddies her arse up. He continues to feel her and being aroused decides it is time for them to both get into the mud.
Stream 3 follows on – see below.

In addition there are 66 Enhanced Images (Full Screen) of Custard Couples’ muddy play.
There are 47 shots just of Mrs. CC, then 19 as a couple.
But see for yourself - we have described the content of the 5 sample shots from image set M225 above.

Download MOVIE CC92 has 2 HD Streams running 20 mins 46 secs.

Download IMAGE SET M225 has 66 shots
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Image Set M225

No of Images 66  

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